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Facebook launches TikTok like app for Rappers – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…check it out


Facebook launches TikTok like app for rappers

Facebook on Friday unveiled its latest experiment in the music space following its recent launch of music video app Collab. Facebook’s latest music experiment is called BARS app and this app is primarily targeted at amateur rappers. The app offers wannbe rappers collection of professional beats, which provides musical beat to rappers and then they can eventually record the video & share it subsequently. The app is social media giant’s yet another attempt to crave niche in the video-sharing space where TikTok still rules the roost.


Tom Cruise’s impersonator is invading TikTok

Hollywood star Tom Cruise may have quite a few impersonators across the world but probably none can beat the impersonator that is currently invading the TikTok space. The resemblance between Tom Cruise and this impersonator is simply jaw dropping. His deepfake videos are currently among the most trending TikTok videos in the U.S.


Bill Gates likes Android Phones more than Apple Phones  

Microsoft may have ceded the smartphone operating system battle to Google‘s Android and Apple’s IOS but Bill Gates seems to have moved over the failure. Today the Microsoft founder uses smartphone running on both OS but personally prefers Android smartphones. Gates revealed this information, according to MacRumours, during a community conversation on a clubhouse app.


     You can no longer keep your webcam off while using Microsoft Team

Microsoft has brought an update to its enterprise video meeting application Team that makes it mandatory for users to switch on their web camera. If they don’t, they will be put off from the platform. However, not many are happy with this update. This development was reported by Tech radar.


WeWork’s Neumann finally settles Lawsuit with SoftBank

WeWork’s founder Adam Neumann has finally settled his long drawn legal suit with Japanese investor Softbank. The details of the deal were not disclosed but, according to reports, SoftBank will pay Neumann close to $100 Mn and will give one year extension to WeWork founder to payback $450 Mn that he owes the Japanese investor.

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