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Best Free Zoom Alternatives for Startups to Hold Conference and Meetings

The need for video chat platforms has grown in the past few days. The reason is obvious – the global pandemic that has forced people to stay at home. Many of the big and small enterprises and even educational institutes are working from home as the cases are increasing with each passing day.

In such a situation, the need for high-speed internet is necessary for each household. Not only to play games and stream online but also to have live video chats with our bosses and loved ones. If you are still struggling to find a high-speed internet at affordable cost, make sure to check out the Mediacom internet pricing starting from $39.99 per month.

Many people are using the Zoom app for video conferencing. It has gained immense popularity in recent times due to the same reasons stated previously. But there are also other alternatives you can choose to have an uninterrupted and smooth video chat. Let’s have a look at some of the best Zoom alternative apps for video chats. Stay tuned and hang on with us.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is one of the most recognized and popular video chat platforms to ensure smooth and glitch-free meetings. Video conferencing with Cisco Webex is as viable as meeting the other person in reality. Hosting the video conference is easy. Moreover, you don’t have to do much if you are invited to join a meeting. You only need to click on the link to join the conference. It also allows you to know more about the people you are meeting for the first time with instant access to Participants Company and background.

Corporate meetings are more about visuals and presentations. You can simply share the screen with other people to view your documents, presentations, and designs. In addition, scheduling and inviting people to a single place is easy with Cisco Webex. Make sure to try this video chat software during the lockdown.


GoToMeeting is undoubtedly a leader in video conferencing for enterprises all over the globe. GoToMeeting has won the trust of millions of people to offer them a seamless and glitch-free video platform. Whether it be a corporate meeting, conversation with colleagues, or a product demonstration to a customer, GoToMeeting offers you seamless connectivity on the go. Remote working has never been easier especially for freelancers and digital nomads.

GoToMeeting is similar to other video platforms that offer a user-friendly interface, where joining or hosting a meeting is one click away. If you are operating a multinational organization, you can transform your online events into engaging experiences. The prices start from $59 per month allowing 100 participants. However, if you want to host a large meeting, you can opt for an enterprise plan costing you $499 per month allowing 3,000 participants. is another great alternative to Zoom where you can customize your meeting link according to your suitability. For instance, you can customize the link to your company’s name or something you are going to launch. It is undoubtedly a great way to market your brand to the audience joining the meeting.

One of the greatest features of is that you can also set a personal background that matches your meeting’s objective. Set up a picture of your company’s logo or new product – it’s all yours. Get as creative as you can with has some of the top-notch features that no other video chat platform offers. Audio recording, remote control, and scheduling are a few of them. Bringing everyone on the same page is easy, as allows you to share your screen instantly with other attendees. Simply click the broadcast button when you are ready to start your meeting. Moreover, with the presenter feature, get your participants involved at a deeper level. Communication has never been more efficient and hassle-free.

Team Viewer

The remote desktop software, Team Viewer has been there for quite some time. If your employees are working remotely, or you have to collaborate with freelancers, Team Viewer is an ideal choice to go for. Remote working and managing the workforce is not a big deal with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer IoT allows you to connect, monitor, and manage all your sensors and machines without any hassle. You can also automate and streamline monotonous IT tasks such as data backups, endpoint protection, and monitoring with TeamViewer Remote Management.

Summing Up

In today’s connected world, the need for video chat platforms has become increasingly popular, not only due to the global pandemic but also due to the rising trend of remote working and freelancing. Video chat platforms are needed for the time and you can’t afford to live without them. The aforementioned platforms are the best free zoom alternatives you can try to collaborate, interact, and share. Host meetings and join conferences without any hassle with these platforms.

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