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WeWork CEO Steps Down – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


WeWork CEO Steps Down, Will Remain Non-Executive Chairman

WeWork CEO Steps Down
Image Credits: Flickr Cryptocurrency News

Adam Neumann, WeWork CEO has bowed to the pressure from his investors and has agreed to step down. He will remain as non-executive chairman of the board for now. According to WSJ, Adam was showing strange behaviours including the use of drugs and planning to become the Prime Minister of Isreal. “As co-founder of WeWork, I am so proud of this team and the incredible company that we have built over the last decade,” said Neumann in a statement. Neumann’s wife and co-founder Rebekha Neumann has also stepped down from her role. SoftBank, which has poured in billions of dollars into this startup is reportedly behind this transition. WeWork is soon going for its IPO. Link.



1 Million Miles Tesla Battery? Elon Musk’s Promise To The Customers

Image Credits: Flickr Martin Gillet

Currently, a Tesla car sports a battery that can run for almost half a million miles before it dies out. However, this is soon going to change as Elon Musk has promised a battery that will last 1 million miles. Don’t know who would want to keep a car for that long. But for an avid fan, it makes more sense. Plus it’s good for the environment too. Tesla Model 3 is one of the topmost luxury cars sold globally. With better battery performance, it will compete with the reliability of Japanese carmakers. Link.



IKEA The Beacon Of Hope For A Sustainable World?

Image Credits: Flickr mrapplegate

By 2020, IKEA will produce more energy than it uses. The furniture giant is the world’s foremost company that is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. By 2030, it plans to become ‘climate positive,’ which means fewer emissions than what is produced. Over the past decade, the furniture chain has invested over $2.8 billion in solar and wind energy. It has set an example for other companies. Link.



Politicians Can Break Facebook’s Rules?

Image Credits: Flickr

Facebook has said that it won’t take any action against the politicians who break its rules. There’s a catch though, for running an ad, the politicians would still need to follow the Facebook guidelines. However, the posts on Facebook are exempted from any such rules for the politicians. Link.



Google Contract Workers To Unionise?

Image Credits: Flickr John Beagle

Google’s Pittsburg contract workers are reportedly going to form a union. The contract workers have complained previously about pathetic work conditions and low pay. They will join hands with the United Steel Workers to form the union. All workers are tech employees. Link.


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