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ERP implementation key success Factors

In this article we will discuss about ERP implementation key success factors. Here’s the complete discussion about it:

ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) is considered as one of the cross-functional business system which is driven by a compact suite in which different modules of software are supported. This includes the internal process of all the businesses which company has to follow. ERP provides the company with an integrated view of the core working components of the organization.   Also it keeps the track of all the working components of the business like (Raw materials, cash, capacity of the production etc.) and also it keeps the track of the commitments and the tasks which needs to be completed on a regular basis and in this it doesn’t matter that for which department the records have to be maintained. It facilitates the flow of information between the businesses across the whole organizations. ERP systems can run the crucial organizational kit and tools because it is integrating different organizational systems. With the help of ERP there can be records maintained flawlessly and working of production could be worked out.

Way back in 1990’s, large number of firms across the world evolved the strategy of developing the information technology in-house. Most of the companies have moved ahead with purchasing the service applications like ERP. One of the important criteria for selection of the ERP model is to check the status of the ERP fitting the process of the business. It is fully influenced through the US or European business process models which are quite different and unique from the practices of the Asian businesses.

Some of the crucial and critical factors for implementing ERP are mentioned below-

  • Crystal Clear about the Processes and Requirements

Main focus of any organization is to be crystal clear about the requirements with regards to their functions. When selecting the ERP one should not get involved much into the technical part of the software but should concentrate on the requirement and check if all those options required for them are readily available or not. The key point which matter is that how you wish to run the business.

  • Concentrate on grabbing a appropriate ERP on your return of Investment (ROI)

One should care about the post –implementation returns of the performance for measurement. It focuses on the establishment of the major performance means or measures, providing the baseline, and focus on the targets. Also keep track of the working even if the software has gone live. With this kind of implementation only the benefits of the ERP could be brought forward in any kind of the business working environment.

  • Appropriate and proper Management of the project and Resources

It’s the companies stand whether the implementation of the ERP would yield sustainable results at their end or they have to incur loss.  So they should take initiative to handle the ERP in the most appropriate & effective manner. For which you will have to ensure that the Project manager whom you select should be a strong visionary. There should be a well experienced individual who could strike a balance between resource allocation and returns and check things proactively for the business.

  • Executives commitment for the working

In case a company plans to launch something and the top level of management doesn’t concur, then the project surely fails to ground enough impact. Thus it is important that all executives are on the same page, especially when it comes to any crucial decision making. It doesn’t only enhance the brand value it also helps create an impact within the employees in managerial or semi managerial positions.

  • Plan the ERP implementation

Most of the dealers of ERP wish to close the deal as early as possible. But here your concern should be to see whether the implementation is done in the proper manner or not. In case you check the functionalities of the application in the beginning then surely you will not be stuck further and busy fixing the issues every time.


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