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Download WhatsApp For iPhone 5 Free Without Jailbreak

Are you a iPhone user and unable to use Whats App? Learn here how to Download whats App for iPhone 5 free without jailbreak.

WhatsApp is free software for chatting and sending messages, recorded audio, images and video files through Internet and is a very popular with more than 500 million users currently using it. For iPhone or iPad users who wish to download WhatsApp app for free, there is some restriction

since iPhone does not allow installation of 3rd party apps on their device. On other hand Android users can easily download and install this free App and start chatting instantly.

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Cross-platform messaging is become very important and WhatsApp is the famous and widely used cross-platform messenger which has seamless integration with Windows phone, Android, iOS and plenty of other devices. But the problem with WhatsApp for iPhone users is that they can’t download and install this App in their device without jail breaking the iPhone 5 and it gives an awkward error.

If you really want to install WhatsApp on iPhone 5, then you should jailbreak the device which is quite risky as you will lose all the warranty and guarantee for the phone. There is another option to install WhatsApp in iPhone 5 without the need for jail-breaking your iPhone and this article provides a detailed step-by-step procedure for same.

First you should ensure that WhatsApp is installed in any other device like Android phone and you will transfer the App from other device to your computer (Windows or MAC) and then to iPhone 5.

  • The first thing you should do is download and install the iFunbox tool for your operating system whether Windows PC or Macbook. You can download the App from The directory to find WhatsApp in Macbook is “/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/” whereas on Windows you can find it in the path “C:UsersUsernameMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications”

  • Once you have downloaded and installed iFunbox, you should open the App and create a folder named WhatsApp.

  • Go to user Applications and select WhatsApp and click the App to Copy to your Windows PC or Macbook. Now it can be transferred to iPhone and will function as if WhatsApp is installed on your iPhone 5 newly. So by using ifunbox you can install WhatsApp on your iPhone 5 without need to jail break.

  • You can also make use of iPhone configuration utility for installing WhatsApp in iPhone 5 without jail breaking. Copy the WhatsApp ipa file to the tool and select devices tab present on left corner of the tool.

  • Choose your iPhone 5 from list of devices and click Install. Now you can see WhatsApp application installed freshly in your iPhone.

The above methods are tested and verified with latest WhatsApp application installed on iPhone 5 which runs iOS version 7.1. So you can be assured that the techniques will work and you can install WhatsApp on latest iPhone 5 with iOS version 7.1 without having to jail break the device. WhatsApp is currently the most popular and efficient cross-platform messaging App which has lot of features and excellent user interface. By installing WhatsApp you can enjoy chatting with your friends through Internet without paying any fee.

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