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COMB IT – An Innovation for Getting the Right Fashion Pick Online and Simplified Shopping

Very few people use the imagination while they do shopping, and most of the people buy products they felt impressed somewhere. While coming to fashion products, many people find impressive products online or offline which they cannot name it correctly or would have named differently in various online shopping websites according to their naming rules.  For instance, if someone saw an image of a celebrity wearing a stylish blue frock with many works on it in an online newspaper and wanted to get the product, they would find a hard time considering there could be hundreds of products with a similar description but not the exact product. This is a real problem for most of the online shoppers as they find it very difficult to trace the product they are interested.


Comb IT is a mobile application and web tool to efficiently search for the products people found somewhere else on the internet or offline. The users can register with the web tool or download it from the iTunes store according to their choice. The web tool works in such a way that it gets added to the bookmarks of the browser, and when people find a product they are impressed with, they can launch the tool from the browser and search for the product. The tool would provide hundreds of same or similar kind of products listed on various online shopping sites. From the products, the user can choose their product and land directly on the product page for buying it. The application has got wider success in U.K., and it ranks at number 17 in U.K. App Store ranking under the shopping category.


Features of the Tool

  • Option to follow the style icons to understand their inspiration
  • Favourite feature to save the products for later reference
  • A customised tool specially designed for fashion products and convenient solutions based on customer expectations
  • Opens a new world of fashion to the users

What Makes it Different?

  • It uses the latest image recognition technology, and that ensures accurate results based on user queries
  • A highly simplified tool – people can get their products within few clicks in seconds
  • Get more choices – people get products from various online stores, and that give an option of choice according to price, quality, and more
  • Better product suggestions – while the tool offers the exact product, it also offers slightly different better variants of it as well
  • An ever-growing list of products and brands; currently, it has 2 million products from more than 1,000 brands and retailers


COMB IT is an excellent option that opens more wide and accessible fashion world for everyone else. The innovation is a great addition to the fashion environment, and it can change the way how people do shop. The simplified tool ensures that the shopping is no longer a time consuming and inefficient job, but it is something that is on the go and more creative. With a convenient tool, COMB IT, the developers are making a real innovation in shopping and opens another world of possibilities.

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