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Characteristics of Good Web Host

The bare requirement of launching a website or a blog is a Domain name & Webspace. This article will help you in finding the best one for your website.
Characteristics of Good Web Host

In case you’re a newbie on web (just entering the seemless world of Internet) and looking to book for yourself, a domain & webspace to have your first website on web then few notables might make your first take-off a little smoother and pleasant.

As the bare requirement of launching a website or a blog is a Domain name & a Webspace, the decision of your service provider might make a lot of difference overall.(don’t opt for a free hosting if you’re really serious about your web entity).

So take care of few important things listed below before deciding your very first paid web hosting service provider.

1. Prefer a Web hosting service that also happens to be a Authorised domain name Registrar

It often happens that you purchase your domain from a domain registrar that doesn’t sell web hosting services.There’s as such no technical problem in having different service providers for domain and web space (you just need to modify nameservers in your domain’s settings) but for a newbie, its better to have both ‘domain name’ as well as ‘web hosting‘ services integrated into one account (only possible with a Dual service provider).This reduces hassles on your part as you don’t have to toggle between two support teams of two different service providers, in case you come across any problem and raise a query ticket to the support.

2. Beware of unusual web hosting package offering

A newbie often gets trapped into impractical web space and bandwidth claims and surrenders himself to a poor service with a higher monthly cost.

It’s not feasible for a hosting service provider to provide its customers with 100% service uptime. But you may find service providers claiming 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth.Better cross check before you commit your money to them.

3. Look out for an ‘Auto setup’ or ‘Fantastico support'(web applications installation automation) by the service provider.

As a newbie, you might find it difficult to create & transfer html/php files to the server through FTP client.You might love the idea of installing a WordPress blog in a matter of clicks through fantastico facility rather than going the other way round.

4. Find out what the former/current customers are saying about the service provider.

From ‘easy-to-navigate interface’ to ‘efficient support staff ‘, every such thing makes a lot of difference for a newbie. So its always better to google out what others have to say about the service provider you’re going for.

Apart from the above mentioned things, if you want to find ‘best in the business’ service providers, you can also refer to Web hosting choice , an ‘advertising free'(or unbiased) web hosting directory that might help you in selecting reputed web service providers.

It’s advanced search lets you search for exactly what sort of web hosting service you are looking for.Check it out.

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