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Change User Account Control Settings Windows XP

In this tutorial we will tell you how to change user account control settings in Windows XP.

User Account Control was firstly deployed on the Windows XP by Microsoft and the setup wizard created accounts as Local Administrators. Since then numerous updates have been added to make it newer version like Vista and Windows 7. User Account Control is technology with security infrastructure that is being introduced by Microsoft’s Windows Vista & Windows Server 2009 OS, but one can find more comfortable versions in Windows 7 & Windows Server 2009 R2. The aim is to improve security of Windows by adding limitations on application software’s to standard- user privileges. It has its boundary until the authority increases its viability.

To be simpler, the user is entitled to access administrative privileges, but by default the applications would be restricted. The applications will not run until approved beforehand or user authorizes it explicitly. UAC is for restricting unauthorized changes that are being done on the Windows configuration and file system. Windows 8 was more prone to the unauthorized alterations like violating local user’s system configurations. If else user is attempting any administrator task, he would be asked to click yes or no before he can access full administrative task. Change User Account Control Settings Windows XP

User account control helps users to protect their computers by securing their system programs and also helping in protecting network by preventing user running malicious software’s or programs.

Method to create a new user Account in Windows XP

  • Tap on “create New Account” from the task list – box.
  • Give your account name and then tap on the next button.
  • Select your type of account and then click on Create Account.

Making changes in Account in Windows XP

  • You have to go to “Change an account” option present in the task list box.
  • Select the account that has to be changed.
  • After selecting the account, there will be many options for change, select the changes that you need to do in your account.

Name Change: If you want to change the name of your account, click on “Change the name” and type the name that you want for your account

Picture Change: If you want to change the picture of your account, select “change the picture”, you can use pictures that are already present in the system as default or you can select from your pictures folder.

Change Account Type: This is for validating user’s right. You can decide which user is entitled to what scope for accessing his account.

Password Change: In order to change the password, select “change password”, change and save it.

Delete Account: If your account is no more required and you wish to delete it, click on “Delete account”. When you select delete you are given the option to save the files. You can save your files if they are important or else go for NO option. Account that is currently in use cannot be deleted.

Shortcut to make a change in your account in Windows XP

You can change default users and provide password.

  • Password changed and then reset.
  • You can change the membership of account.
  • You can change the setting of “Secure Logon” settings.
  • Check advance user management.

Microsoft still hides some useful applications from its users, for accessing those you have to create a new shortcut by the given command:

control.exe useraccounts2

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