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Looking to buy/sell out a car ? Go Pricehub !

Car prices portal Pricehub. PriceHub fulfills the need for a comprehensive,open source of actual selling prices for vehicles.

So,you are looking for a new car and hence want to check out the ‘actual’ price of the car you are planning to buy. You also want to sell out your old car(as it will be hardly of any use afterwards) but want to get rid of ‘screwed up deal’.

If that’s the case then Pricehub will prove quite useful to you.Founded by two car enthusiasts who have collectively bought and sold over 30 vehicles,PriceHub fulfills the need for a comprehensive,open source of actual selling prices for vehicles.

There is usually no true source to see what people really paid for a car.Instead, the only available data is the so-called published or estimated price such as the MSRP price,invoice price,Kelly Blue Book price, Edmunds.com price or trade-in value.

In their own words

Our goal with PriceHub is to provide price transparency for all vehicle transactions (new and used), as well as provide a community for people to share & discuss prices

PriceHub,a San Francisco Bay Area based startup has a growing database of car prices(both old and new) crowdsourced by its users.So,it’s probable that the average rates of cars on Pricehub won’t be biased(as the system is not driven).

The graphs used to display pricing trends for various cars are decent enough and the overall UI is neatly worked out.What they lack is the ‘international presence’.They need to grow their database and bring it useful for internatonal users as well.



  1. bhanu

    November 13, 2008 at 6:36 am

    This is a superb post and a cool online application

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  3. uaichai

    December 2, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    That\’s sound good.Thk for your info.

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