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How to Bug a Cell Phone Without Touching It

Wishing to spy on someone’s cell phone. Read the following instructions about how to bug a cell phone without touching it.

We can hire a private spy to have an eye on someone. But we have to share all the personal information with an unknown person. Which involves a risk in it. They may take this as an advantage of your insecurity and misuse your information. If the spy makes any mistake, the relation with the person you were trying to spy on may be spoiled.

And also practically it is not possible to have an eye on every activity by private spy.

We can overcome all these with android spyware.


Number of spyware applications are available in Google play store and in apple store. Installing any of these applications in the smart phone gives you all the data of the mobile owner.

The data includes:-

  • Their incoming and outgoing call list, call duration and their conversation.
  • Even if user deletes the message, you can   read all the messages.
  • If GPS is available on the phone, we can get the current location of the smart phone. Even in the absence of GPS signal, the location can be traced out through cellular tower triangulation.
  • With this, you can also know the apps installed in the device. You can block or uninstall it remotely.
  • All the photos and videos taken by the phone can be viewed instantly.

Information regarding the websites opened can also be traced out with this.

Installing the spyware app is damn easy process but the toughest part is possession of targeted mobile for long enough to install the app in it.

All the installation process will be guided through application installation interface.

Once the app is installed, all the information will be sent to our spy account which you should create in the spyware server. But the mobile owner never knows that his information is being stolen by someone.

As said that many apps will be available in the store, care should be taken in selecting the spyware. Because there will be some fake spy apps in the store which can harm the phone targeted.

So, before installing a spyware some research has to be done in internet. By reading the reviews and feedbacks about the different spywares, you will get an idea that which spyware is safe and secure.

There are many free spyware apps as well as paid one. We have surveyed on spywares taking 3 apps (mobile spy, flixispy and neocall) in to consideration. As per our survey mobile spy is a free app where as other two are paid apps. And also mobile spy have extra features when compared to other two.


There are many fake websites are there which says that they offers remote installation of spyware without physical access. But unless having physical access to the cellphone we cannot install monitoring software.

Actually, installing these types of softwares/apps without any prior permission of the mobile owner subjects to civil (or) criminal penalties.

Thus, goes without saying! There is a great risk involved and such activities are never endorsed or recommended!



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