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BT vs Philips: Who’s The Best

This article will share a comparison of the two major cordless phone companies in telephone industry i.e BT vs Philips: Who’s the best. 

For many people, BT is the brand that first springs to mind when thinking about a new phone.

However, Philips has become a major player in the telephone market in recent years, and both brands have excellent cordless models that are competing for the top spot in the market. Welcome to the ultimate battle of the brands!

We’ve taken two products from both BT and Philips to compare – the most expensive model they offer, and the cheapest cordless phone available, and here’s what we found…
BT vs Philips cordless phones

BT’s Graphite 3500 System comes with an answering machine and four phones for you to dot around your home or business. The BT cordless phones offer a 50 name phonebook for you to store your favorite numbers, and a 50 meter range which allows you to roam around quite freely while on the phone – perfect for larger offices or warehouses. In addition, it offers a call waiting facility, a call transfer option, 300m outdoor range, up to 10 hours of talk time and five different ringtones to choose from!

In comparison, Philips’ highest priced cordless phone is the CD6852B twin set, which only features two handsets. This model does include an answering machine, and has an impressive 200 name phone book and 15 ringtones in comparison to the BT model. The range of these phones is that same as BT (50m indoors, 300m outdoors) however the Philips model boasts an amazing 22 hours talk time – more than twice that of the BT Graphite system.

The Philips twin set includes a call waiting and transfer facility, but also has the option to host conference calls. In many ways, the Philips outperforms BT’s higher priced product, however some user reviews have indicated a lower level of workmanship with some technical faults being reported. If you require more handsets then BT may be a better option.

It’s the BT Graphite range again, but at the other end of the range you can find the 2100 single cordless phone. In terms of performance, it does almost as much as the high-end graphite quad system above. There is a phone book, 50m range indoors, 10 hours talk time and a call waiting facility. This phone does not come with an answering machine built into the base unit, however, the most user rating has been very positive and most customers are happy with the unit.

The Philips CD1701B/05 telephone is the lowest priced cordless handset available, and this has a range of similar features compared to BT’s budget option. No answering machine again, but a 50 name phonebook, 12 hours talk time and a 50m range. Reviews are generally good for this model, although not as high as for the BT product.

It seems that Philips can offer more benefits for a higher price, however when it comes to customer satisfaction, they can’t quite topple BT’s throne.


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