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How Do You Block Someone From Seeing A Picture On Instagram

Instagram app has the feature if you want to get noticed  by people by your pictures and on the other hand learn here to block someone from seeing a picture on Instagram

Applications like Instagram fill the need of getting noticed for many people and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down. So much is the popularity that it is even possible to share your Instagram photos on Facebook, tumblr etc. But the downside of getting noticed is that you can also get the wrong kind of attention. Pictures can be distorted to damage a user’s reputation or mistakes captured on camera can lead to unwarranted problems. So, it is best to restrict the type of people who can see your pictures.

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The default setting of Instagram is such that your account’s privacy setting is set to public. So, it is possible for any Tom, Dick and Harry to view your profile. But, Instagram does allow it users to change the settings. So, change the settings to private. To do that touch the profile button at the bottom left corner. Select the ‘Edit your profile’ option. Now scroll down and depending on whether you are using android (check the box) or ios(turn it on) change the ‘Posts are private’ settings. This way you block new users from seeing a picture on Instagram. This way you will not be able to even see your list of followers.

Of course if you are sharing the pictures on Facebook and the settings there are not similar then the whole point is lost. So if you are really keen about your privacy then go to Facebook Settings and from it select Account settings and from that select Apps. From the Apps in use find Instagram choose Edit and from the Visibility of app section select the one you want.

How Can You Block Someone From Seeing A Post On Instagram

If you have changed the privacy settings only recently then your pictures might have been followed by anyone who wanted to. So, to block someone from seeing a picture on Instagram you can do the following. Go to your profile and check the list of users following. Now if you want to block someone then go to their profile and tap on the menu button which appears on the top right hand side. You will see a Pop-up menu with some options. Choose ‘Block User’ and presto the user is blocked.

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Of course there are some limits to which blocking can work. For instance, if the user has followed a previous picture you cannot do anything about it. If he/she has commented then you will have to remove the comments manually. If he/she follows the same person that you do they can still view you on that list. And if they tag you in a post or comment it will appear on your news feed. And unless you make the settings ‘Private’ on your profile they can still view your photos.

Sometimes rather than blocking a specific user, if you just want to share the pictures with only a particular group then that is possible too. This feature is called ‘Instagram Direct’. When you take a new picture tap on the tab labeled ‘Direct’ at the confirmation page. From the list of your followers select the followers with whom you want to share the picture.

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