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Betterspot – Best VPN solution for your online privacy and security from Betternet

Using public Wi-Fi and free internet in Airports or Cafe is unavoidable in present circumstances and this can be a concern for your online privacy and security. Well, you don’t have to worry much about it anymore since Betterspot offers a perfect solution for you to stay protected while browsing online. It makes use of VPN (Virtual Private Networks) concept to make sure that all your internet activity is maintained confidential and secure.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks which is a mechanism to establish a secure connection between two clients from different parts of the world across internet. VPN products are used by millions of users around the globe to make their online transactions secure and confidential. Also it can be used as a method to bypass internet restrictions implemented for specific regions like geo-restricted content. For example, you can watch videos in YouTube or TV shows in NetFlix which might actually be blocked in your country. VPN allows you to mask your real identity and location by connecting to a secure VPN server.

Betterspot App:

You can make use of their complimentary Betterspot App which permits users to switch between VPN and TOR anonymity network as per their requirement. The App offers users with option to choose their level of privacy based on their needs. You might wish to share your location details in some cases to browse for restaurants or hotels nearby in which case, the App shares that particular information alone without sharing your IP address or device information. TOR stands for “The Onion Router” which is a free, volunteer network which consists of more than 7,000 relays to enable anonymous browsing for users around the globe. This will help you to protect yourself from hackers and illegitimate network surveillance or sniffing done by unauthorized users to steal any confidential data.

Betterspot App
Betterspot App

Betternet – World’s popular VPN solution provider:

This amazing product is offered free of cost by a Vancouver based technology firm named Betternet. They have over five years of experience in offering secure VPN services to more than 40 million trusted customers across the globe. Their products are more secure and powerful than any other VPN solution available in the market today. Betterspot makes use of Betternet’s proprietary Hexa protocol to encrypt and protect your data which is based on latest encryption techniques like SALSA algorithm. They provide free VPN services to users around the world and their solution is supported across all type of platforms whether it’s Android, iOS, Linux or Windows operating system. Betterspot is one of their best selling products and they have another App named Neverads which blocks annoying ads in your browser.


Betterspot VPN Router
Betterspot VPN Router

Since IoT (Internet of Things) and more smart devices are becoming inevitable as part of our modern life, browsing the internet in a secure and safe manner is becoming very important as hackers try to steal confidential information using various advanced techniques. By making use of the Betterspot VPN router and the App, you can connect all your Wi-Fi devices such as laptops, Desktops, smart phones and tablets and brose the internet safely. You need not worry about your information being shared across internet since Betterspot ensures all your data is confidential. Setting up Betterspot VPN is very simple; you just connect the VPN router with your power source and Internet source either through Ethernet cable or DSL line. Then you connect all the devices in your home to the VPN router and you are all set. The router updates its software automatically and is very compact, so you can carry it anywhere while travelling. Currently they are offering 20% discount on their Betterspot VPN product to promote their product among new customers.


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