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Best Windows 8 apps

In this post we will tell you about Best Windows 8 apps. These are the following information.

Windows 8 has come up with some shining apps which you will fall in love with. Apps for Travel, Weather, Music, Notes, Food, Photos, Finance are so beautifully designed  that it shows off the difference in Windows 8 style. Windows 8 apps are best with its unique presence. The apps work in the same old style. The apps have nice colourful visuals with illustrations opening with smooth animations. Whether you want to check the local weather or you are searching for some recipes, you will surely find it in Windows 8 apps. Here every application has become a Live Tile. Some of the best Windows 8 apps are as followswindows 8 apps

Bing Weather

Microsoft built-in Bing Weather app is beautifully designed. Its front page shows six days weather forecast, with a beautiful background. Users can select your choice of cities, whose local weather you want to check frequently and put it into your watchlist. Application’s back pages display stats, hourly local area weather, and maps.

Bing Travel

Bing Travel app shows the information on several destinations worldwide, with airport, hotels and restaurant details with panoramic pictures of cities of the world. It also has an option of booking air tickets and hotel reservations. It passes the user to an airline website through Internet Explorer.


Evernote app is another useful application which looks absolutely different from Windows 7 style. Just like other apps, this has also been redesigned in Live-t=Tile style, which can be displayed on the main screen. You can put reminders of your tax returns, or your shopping list. You can also sync notes for your loved ones.

Ashampoo ImageFX

Ashampoo ImageFX helps users to enhance their photos through adding colours, effects and filters. These photos can be saved both on local and sky drive. You can share these edited photos with those applications which have sharing features.

Windows 8 has come up with a blogging platform, which displays blogs very elegantly with original articles on art, photography, entertainment and food. Users can easily share photos, links or quotes from any application on the blog of your You can also create new posts and publish them instantly.

MusixMatch Lyrics

MusixMatch Lyrics app is good for all the music lovers, who look for music lyrics on those cluttered websites with annoying popup ads. This music app gives millions of song lyrics with biographies and discographies over the internet, or automatically sync in with your local media library. It displays them on the right side of the tile along with music-play with its artwork in the background.


This recipe app is beautifully designed with bright food photos, horizontal scrolling and recipe. With this fluid app you can search 200,000 recipes. The recipes are explained clearly in steps with large fonts, spelled correctly with gorgeous photos. With such Mouth watering photos, one would really feel hungry and try some recipes. Therefore, with this app the whole Kitchen is with you with just one click.


If you have an Investment account and want to invest better, Sigfig is the right application for you. It is a portfolio service which keeps a track of all your investment accounts in one place,  provides Investor recommendations, analytics and explains data on performance.

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