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“Over 1 billion People Rely on MS Office”….Fact or Hype ??

Total number of MS office users has reached over 1 billion. Here’s the truth behind this extrapolated figure of 1 billion Office users

This week, we witnessed yet another launch of the next successor of the ‘Office productivity suite’, Office 2010. It surely is a great software package for individual as well as enterprise users but few things that were quoted during the consumer launch of Office 2010 were a little tough to digest.

One such statement that raised a lot of eyebrows is…

“1 billion people rely on Office to get things done at work, home and school”

Now Office productivity suite is surely one of the oldest softwares in Technology business and one of the widely accepted softwares as well but 1 billion people ? That sounds a little over the board.

Well, here’s the truth behind this extrapolated figure of 1 billion Office users

The figure has been estimated by ComScore, a data analytics company that took a number of factors into account while estimating the total number of Office 2010 users across the globe. Here are the untold facts behind the estimation.

1. ComScore estimated ‘PCs installed with any version of Office’, not ‘Users’.

2. ComScore included all those PCs that had some trail version of Office installed, which may or may not be upgraded by the users.

3. 1 billion figure included pirated versions of Office installations as well. As piracy is fairly prevalent across the globe, this could have really pushed the figure of total Office users by huge scale.

4. As ComScore counted PCs not users, there could be decent chances of plenty of users running Office productivity suite on multiple machines, so that implies less users but more machines with Office installed.

The above four factors largely contributed to ComScore’s estimation cross a figure of 1 billion.

As far as users go, there are about 750 million users worldwide using Office productivity suite for getting their work done.

By the way, if you still haven’t bought your own copy of Office 2010, rush to download it right away.

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