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Best Mac Software for Blogging

In this article we discuss about best Mac software for blogging. Complete discussion about it follows under:

Blog is platform where discussions, expressions of individuals and informational details are being hosted on the web. Off late blogs have taken a step ahead and moved with the implementation of (MAB’s) or Multi-author blogs. The rising of the different social networking sites like Twitter and some other micro blogging sites encouraged in integration of the MAB’s into the social streams. There are different kinds of blogs which can be mentioned as personal blogs, corporate and organizational blogs, by device, by media etc.

Creating blogs have always been a blast and an engaging task for the users as they could share their views without much barrier. But the challenge which they have to face is regarding the technique or the platform on which they are going to do so . Here are some of the ground breaking Mac platforms for blogging;

 Mars Edit

It focuses on the integration with almost all the blogging package such as Word Press, CMS, Tumblr and Blogger movable types. The user can go ahead by creating the new blog with rich text and don’t have to bother about the HTML tags. Its live preview could show the user how their content is going to look like after publishing .Users can also create a different template which is going to describe the look and feel of the pages of the blogs. It was originally developed as one of the component for the Net Newswire, which was considered as the popular aggregator for the news with regards to the Mac X. Some of the unique features which could be presented are –spell checking, user can preview the content, custom tags could be highlighted, also does have the Apple script support, also does sends the updates and notices for the blogs and technorati.

  • Photo bulk

With help of the photo bulk, a user can add watermark into the different images easily and also gain the capacity of saving the watermark proportions even though the sizes of the images are different.  Users don’t have to worry about the original image as they would intact and not even disturb the shape of the image. Some of the new features which are added to the Photo bulk are – users can change the watermark position by changing the pixel with the help of arrows.  Users can also change the position of the watermark in the superfast preview section.

  • Flock

The foundation of the Flock is the Mozilla platform, as it’s considered the de facto blog ware. The greatest joy in using such software is that it’s designed for the social integration. In this the users can share photos and network and also some cool pages with quite little effort. Even the user can make the changes while browsing through the web pages as done on the ordinary basis.

  • Mac Journal

One of the highly motivated and mind-blowing applications which has gained a significant number of accolades and appreciation from the users. Its unique impact of traditional and the color effects provide impressive look. Although it can’t compete with the Mars Edit but has a strong impact on the delivery.

  • Ecto

It’s another multi-service device used for editing and is similar to the Mars Edit.  It puts considerable efforts in emphasizing on presenting the user with the option of A to B to Z in the quickest possible manner. The list of blog post which is supported by it is quite extensive and has been in market for around 5 years.


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