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Best Alternative to Google Apps

In this article we discuss about best alternative to Google apps. Complete discussion about it follows under:

The first question before searching out for any alternative that will ponder everyone’s mind is: What is Google Apps? Google Incorporation provides a service which independently customize several products of Google under one domain. Google Apps has several features like Gmail, Google Groups, GTalk, GoogleDocs, etc where all of the communication channel and data resides under one roof; in simple terminology it means: “Putting all of the eggs in one basket”.

The Need to Find the Google Apps Best Alternative

Google Inc. had a free business plan being setup for start-up organizations, small and medium size business customers, and for those people (needing an attractive brand) who wanted their communication and data storage to reside under a single roof. Google certainly happened to be an ideal solution until it started imposing a charge for its services.

Google Inc. began a fee structure for using Google Apps on per user – per service basis. Even though initially $5 looks a bit handy it may move up higher down the line for those users (especially the Small and Medium Businesses) who use all of the services from Google Apps.  If one has to a shell out a hefty amount out from their pocket then for sure that is going to turn out into a serious headache, and this is where people start to look for a better alternative.

Alongside the cost factor,  there is another constraint where everything (applications) resides under one domain. Well, although this turns out to be a blessing, it could be a curse if customers have to depend upon one single application provider that takes out money to use its features set.

So, what is the possible alternative for Google Apps? The question in a jiffy has the answer named as ZOHO.

About ZOHO

Zoho came into inception from Zoho Corporation, which is a private and profitable organization, with offices located in CA, Austin, Yokohama, Chennai, and Beijing. Zoho provides its services to more than 6 million customers worldwide.

ZOHO – An Excellent Alternative to Google Apps

Zoho offers a broad in scope suite, an award winning application that provides services like Ongoing Business Continuity, Productivity and Collaborative Apps. It is through ZOHO that many customers use ZOHO apps to manage their respective information and data, and exceed in terms of productivity while in the office or anywhere outside. Due to this wonderful feature, customers don’t have to bother about the hardware and software that could turn out to be expensive and outdated. ZOHO provides services in three main areas which are:

  • Collaborative Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Productivity Applications

Using ZOHO as an Alternative

The idea is very simple and easy. One can use Google Apps for Contacts, Calendar and YouTube, and they can use ZOHO for email purposes. By using ZOHO for email, one can have personalized domain name and can use the same for desktop applications and smartphones. The best feature of using email with ZOHO is it supports group contacts; multiple users can share their contacts between themselves.

ZOHO is providing a document repository just like Google Apps for storing and accessing the documents over the web at any point of time and that too without spending a dime. Isn’t that the best feasible alternative without taking out a dime from the pocket? Yes, it is!

From the points mentioned above it becomes clear that ZOHO stands out to be an ideal alternative and a strong competitor for Google Apps, not only because it’s free, but it’s flexible in terms of applications and data storage.


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