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Benefits of Green Computing

Green computing can help in achieving sustainable development, which is the need of time. Benefits of green computing are discussed below.

Many companies have realised the importance of using eco friendly means in their way of doing business so as to reduce costs, lower emissions and improve their public image. The benefits of green computing is to use the available resources optimally without full exhausting them. Green computing will have the macro benefits after successful implementation and execution at not just the industrial level but at the global level. It teaches people and organisations basics of using the energy and equipments efficiently to stop the wastage.

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The big companies have been instigated to use the energy conservation programs that will not only save them money but they will also be the example for other small companies to follow suit. By simple turning off of computers at night results in over 60% of saving in electricity bills annually. The innovative technologies that aide the principle of responsible technology is:

Cloud Computing: 

The cloud computing is the best and the most innovative way to save energy. The idea is to change all the physical serves into virtual ones. When all the data storage, networking and other works happen virtually, the companies can save as much as 90% of the energy by switching to cloud computing.


Recycling has been proven as an effective method to save energy, money and time by manufacturing electronic items from the old and used ones. It has been observed that when an item has been built from the scratch, it is much costlier and uses more resources as compared to building it from recycled items. By collecting and re using these electronic items, you are not only saving money but also preventing any further environmental damage.

Architectural Improvements:

The infrastructure of any organisation should support less wastage and more conservation. If a company can use less systems or just the number of systems, they can considerably reduce the energy consumption. However, blindly switching to virtual systems is no solution either. The idea is to reduce energy consumption and cause as little damage to the environment as possible. When we switch to virtual servers more cooling systems will be required which again increases the cost and energy usage. With the help of latest architectural designs, the new and improved technologies will become accessible which causes least or if possible, no damage to the environment.

Set an example:

The green computing is a collective effort that must involve as many people as possible to even have an impact. The computers are used every day and little changes here and there can go a long way in conserving the environment in the future. The people and organisations need to be informed about the environmental issues and the way they can be controlled via green computing. By using the above mentioned practices, you can set the example for others to follow and also learn from. Every small contribution will mean small progress towards the larger goal of safe and sustainable environment for our future generations.

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