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WordPress Facebook Like Button Without Plugin

Sharing and liking on Facebook has become much popular in blogging world. Learn how to add Facebook like button without plugin.

Why to connect with people

Loving relationships are very crucial for our well being, happiness and prosperity because they create space in mind and also help us to learn and explore something special. Some researchers also reconnoitered that social connections reduces the stress related mental health problems.

Social sites have arisen as an influential and effective means for people to get linked with their services. They differ from the other websites because they allow users to interact with the other users. They also help the users to create the personal identity with photos, create personal profiles, invite people to become friends and even with people by sending messages.

Facebook is one of the most popular and free social networking site that people are using now a day. It is changing the internet relations day by day. It has affected the social life of people in many ways: it allows people to stay connected with each other from any part of the world, as long as there is internet access.

Emergence of social networking sites

Facebook is such a convenient platform where everybody can express their feelings publicly or with a separate group only.  Everybody can post their feelings, can comment on other’s posts, respond to comments, and if they like any of the posts they can ‘like’ the post by clicking like button provided by Facebook developers.  This can be done in many ways.

Blogging & Popularity

Blogging is also a way of connecting with the people by writing articles on different topics, events and subjects around the world. WordPress is an open source, free blogging tool that is used to build a website or a blog. It helps in spreading the blogger’s network by getting connected through the social networking sites. It also helps in inviting the contributions made by the users which help in discovering the new things. This blog posting can be accessed by the installation of WordPress.

Adding Facebook Like button to a WordPress blog

Facebook Like button is one of the shortcut buttons to share a particular blog post on Facebook. When an article is posted on a Facebook user’s timeline by clicking on “Like” button, more people can read and share the post and thus getting more traffic flow to the blog.

There are many plugins available as part of WordPress extensions. By installing one of them in the blog, Facebook Like button and other social bookmarkings can be inserted on every blog post. But it is general experience by the bloggers that if they install too many plugins, the overall performance of the blog is reduced considerably.

So, there is a need to provide a simple mechanism to add Facebook like button without plugins. The main task is to create a function and add a filter to the variable. For creating a function, firstly you have to open the file and have to write a code by using one of the programming languages like HTML. You can custom design the button by using the “layout” option and also adjust the “width” and “height” to display suitably on the page.

Facebook Meta tags are necessary to control how the post should appear for the users on the Facebook wall page. For creating the Meta tags, some labels have to added for the previously written HTML program which automatically creates the Meta tags. Also, this helps to create the image to display to the users of the Facebook.

Thus the Facebook Like button can be incorporated in blog/web pages without installing the plugin.


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