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Things to Check before Publishing a Website

In this article we are going to tell you about the things to check before publishing a Website:

Now that your website has been designed, the CMS is in working condition, the content is added and your client is quite happy with the result; you must be going through all the temptations to publish the website live. However, while deciding the launch of a website, you may frequently forget some of the most important things as you get more eager to make the website live. That is why you should always have a list of things to check before publishing a website. This will help you make the final touches before exposing the same to everyone. This will avoid uncalled-for costs after the official release of the website as well.


The favicon is what brands your window or tab in which the website gets open on the browser of the user. Users can also save the same through bookmarking so that they may get back to the same easily. There are certain browsers that pick up favicons if you store the same in the root directory by the filename of favicon.ico. However, if you want to make sure that it gets picked up every time, you must include the specific header suitable for the same.


The page title probably is the greatest element when it comes to SEO. This is also the most significant one for the users to know the content of a certain page. You must ensure that the title of every page changes and they are related to what the page has to offer to users. Keywords tags and meta descriptions are not so significant for SEO. The most important search engines do not need them that much. However, they are still great to be included. You must change descriptions on every page for making the same relevant to the specific content of the page. The reason behind the same is that Google often displays those in the description of the search results.


You may think that your design has come out to be stunning and pixel perfect, you should check the same on IE to find out that everything has got messed up. That is why it is critical to know if your website is cross-browser compatible. You website does not need to be perfect but it should work on most of the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera, if not on every browser under the sun. Users should not face any issues due to its incompatibility with a certain browser.


You must read everything before you publish your website. You may have read the entire website already. Still, you should read it once more. You can also ask anybody else to do the same on behalf of you. Often, a third person picks up a mistake which you may have ignored as you have been working too closely on the website for long. You can also find out if it is feasible to reduce any amount of written text through making it more specific. You can divide large blocks of texts in to shorter ones. The headings should be clear throughout. You should use lists wherever possible so that it is possible for the users to scan them easily.

Hope this article about the Things to Check before Publishing a Website helped you.

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