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Accel India Unveils 2nd batch of its Rebound Program

Accel India on Wednesday unveiled the second batch of its Rebound program that has been specially designed for the second and third-time startup entrepreneurs. Accel had started this program in July last year with an aim to allow entrepreneurs to take another shot at their entrepreneurial dreams.

Accel India on Wednesday unveiled the second batch of its Rebound program

Commenting on Rebound program Accel said “We at Accel realized that there is no targeted or effective community for founders who are starting up for second or third time. We found that this group of founders face different set of challenges compared to first time entrepreneurs.”

With 90% of startups that are incorporated every year failing miserably, a unique program like Rebound lends another chance to entrepreneurs to recreate a successful company after learning invaluable lessons from their previous ventures.

Rebound’s second batch has total 14 startups, with most startups hailing from diverse sectors like edutech, fintech, foodtech and Saas.

Like its debut batch, Accel Rebound 2 program will be divided into 5 sessions with each session consisting of at least 2-3 hours that will be scheduled once a month. Given the challenges in post-pandemic era, one of sessions in Rebound 2 will focus on decoding the impact of COVID-19 on startup business.

Accel is not a small name in the venture capital world as it has backed some of the successful startups and companies. This includes Facebook, Flipkart, Ola, Dropbox, Slack etc.

Here are names and brief details of startups that have been selected for Accel’s Rebound 2 batch.

AnswerWise: Powered by AI, AnswerWise is a SaaS platform that is focused on offering seamless customer support experience for B2B companies.

Decentro: An API platform designed to help companies with banking integration. The startup is already part of the YCombinator 2020 batch.

Hungry Wheels: Provides cloud kitchen to those who are seeking to establish a mobile F&B operation.

InterviewPass: A video-based talent assessing software that helps HR manager and recruiters in effectively assessing the applicants. a unique product management tool created around customer knowledge rather than bugs or tickets.     

Leap.Club: A private professional network for women with a simple mission to get more women in leadership positions.

Mountain.Technologies: A coding bootcamp that is exclusively focused on solving entry-level tech hiring for growing business venture.       

Outplay: A sales engagement platform that enables sellers to customize messages at scale across multiple platforms.

RetargetAds: A platform that allows blogs/sites to monetize their traffic by directing them to their social media pages.

Sales Benefits: helps in analyzing sales teams performance efficiently and thereby assists in rationalizing sales commission.

Sinecycle: This startup is busy in creating a smart integrated account receivable tool to help companies automate and streamline their invoice to cash process.

Sorted AI: Creating suite of AI-powered utility and productive apps for people living in interior region of India. It has already created two apps – Kagaaz Scanner for scanning documents and Sorted Ai for increasing work productivity.

Utterwise: Offers cash flow insights to startups and small businesses.

Walrus: A neobank that is solely focused on the teenage community of India.

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