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7 of the Best New Gadgets This Year


2015 has seen a number of amazing gadgets hit the market, and we’re here to bring you the best of the best—at least so far. Check out these designer gadgets and make your life better and easier.

1. Trackr Stickr
Have you ever misplaced your keys and wished you could call them? Now you can. The Trackr Stickr is a quarter-sized device that you can attach to pretty much anything. If you lose something, simply call it and let the Trackr Stickr ring you right to your long lost item, or search for it on GPS technology right from your smartphone. You can easily track multiple items on the app, and the Trackr Stickr features 2-way finding capabilities to make life that much easier.

2. NJOY E-cigarettes
For those looking for the latest state-of-the-art vaping system, electronic cigarettes at are changing the game. Their Kings collection include e-cigs that look and feel just like traditional cigarettes. They come in 5, 20, and 100 packs in Bold, Menthol, and Gold to suit any e-cig need. With an insanely realistic filter, an electronic ember that indicates when your e-cig has been depleted, and long-lasting burn, these e-cigs are disposable; plus, the company will send you a free one for every eight you recycle.

3. ReST Bed
So you’ve got a smartphone, a smart TV, and maybe even a smartwatch, but do you have a smart bed? The ReST Bed is designed to cater to your body movements in real time, thus allowing you to have the best night’s sleep possible. Their trademarked Adaptive Sleep Thinking fabric can sense pressure changes, and dynamically switches configuration to guarantee your comfort. The bed also records your sleeping data so you can analyze it and make the correct habit changes to ensure you receive the best rest possible.

4. Scio
This one’s for all the science junkies out there. The Scio’s amazing technology allows you to scan and record the molecular structure of just about any object. Announced last year and largely funded by Kickstarter, this pint-sized device can read the chemical makeup of many physical objects and materials. It can instantly provide nutritional information about different varieties of food, making it a different take on health devices. It can also assess capsules for medicinal and nutritional supplements, plus it learns more about its environment every time it’s used. For the knowledge-hungry savant, the Scio is a pocket molecular sensor dream come true.

5. Livescribe Echo Smartpen
The Livescribe Echo Smartpen takes the cake in practicality and will change the way you take notes. This incognito recording pen can transfer both notes and audio to your computer through a USB connection, features a built-in speaker for instant playback, and can hold 200 hours of audio within its convenient grip. It’s easy to share notes with Echo Desktop, and all are easily stored on your chosen device. With an OLED display, audio jack, and clear microphone, taking notes will never be a chore again.

6. Apple Watch
No 2015 gadget list would be complete without a look at Apple’s latest offering, the Apple Watch. Serving as a sort of go-between for your smartphone and your computer, the Apple Watch is completely prepared to take convenience to an entirely new level. All of your apps are available at the flick of a wrist, and it employs a tapping system to physically—but gently—let you know when a notification has come in. Take texts and calls, track your fitness goals, hang out with Siri, and cover dinner with Apple Pay—all from the convenience of your smartwatch. With sensitive automatic display, maps, iTunes access, and more, this smartwatch is one to look into.

7. Netatmo Welcome
If you’ve got kids or elderly family members living in your home, you’ll want to pay attention to the Netatmo Welcome. This interesting gadget uses facial recognition technology to help you keep tabs on the goings-on in your house. You have the ability to upload 16 faces for instant recognition, can record up to 100 video sequences, and will receive a notification text when an individual enters your home. The camera will alert you if a stranger is detected in its view and show you the recording, or let you rest easy knowing your loved ones are at home and safe. Great home safety systems should be easy to use, and the Netatmo Welcome is just that, offering individualized privacy settings and simple set-up. Safety and peace of mind all rolled into one tiny gadget. What’s not to like?
The year isn’t over yet, and we’ve already been treated to an array of life-changing technologies. Which one of these gadgets will become your must-have?

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