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YouTube Suspends & Demonetizes Pro-Trump Channel – Top Trending News

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YouTube Suspends & Demonetizes Pro-Trump Channel

Photo of Ex-US President Donald Trump.

Youtube has just suspended and demonetized One America News Network’s Youtube channel for violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy. Youtube said that after a careful review it found that the channel wasn’t complying with its guidelines. However, there is an interesting angle to this event and the interesting thing is that One America News is known to be staunch Pro-Trump channel. Some critics may claim that Youtube’s action is a vindication of Donald Trump’s plummeting political fortunes following his election defeat.


In a first, Israel & Saudi Arabia may get Connected in Future via Fabric Optic

If tech giant Google has its way historical enemies then Israel and Saudi Arabia may soon get connected through an optic fiber. This is all due to Google’s upcoming globe-trotting fiber-optic network that will span across several Asian countries and will stretch till Europe. This is part of Google’s ambitious project to ramp up its global internet infrastructure that will help its users to seamlessly stream videos, download huge files, and meet every online need. If this ambitious project does materialize then this will be the first time that Saudi Arabia and Israel will be connected via internet. However, as historical and unprecedented as this may sound, Google is reportedly facing hurdles in getting a green signal from the Saudi royal family for this project…To know more please click here.


Pinterest is Foraying into Online event

If all goes well then Pinterest may soon enter the online event space. The image sharing platform has been found testing a new feature that lets its users to sign up for Zoom classes through Pinterest. Once signed up, users can utilize Pinterest class boards to organize class materials and other resources as well as allowing them to connect with other attendees through a group chat. While Pinterest has confirmed about testing this new feature, it has refused to disclose any further information on this trail project. Financially, Pinterest is on a strong footing with its stock doing quite well on the Wall Street.


Twitter’s blue tick mark verification is all set to make a comeback next year

Twitter has officially announced that it is all set to re-launch its account verification process early next year. However, this time the micro-blogging giant will be re-launching this feature with new guidelines. Twitter stopped the verification process back in 2017 after many users deemed it as confusing while many complained that the company was using this feature arbitrarily.


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