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Facebook Launches Pinterest Type App – Top Trending Stories

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Facebook Launches Pinterest Type App, But Quietly

hobbi app grab

Image Credit: The Verge

Facebook’s product experimentation team has quietly launched an app Hobbi, which is surprisingly close to Pinterest, according to The Information Report. The Hobbi is a photo-sharing app. Similar to Pinterest, it allows users to share photos of cooking, art, craft, and etc. It’s only available on iOS for now. Available in countries such as the US, Colombia, Belgium, Ukraine, and Spain. Link.



Is The Future Laid Out For Foldable Smartphones?

Samsung-horizontal-foldable-phone screen grab

Image Credits: Samsung YouTube

According to analysts, by 2025 over 100 million foldable phones will be sold. Foldable phones are the future if this figure turns into reality or even gets a bit closer to selling 100 million units. What do you think? Link.



Uber’s Back To Past Move, Now Dial-Up To Book A Ride

Uber app

Uber is offering dial to connect feature in its app in limited places. It will allow users to dial and contact the operator to book a cab. Uber is the new taxi or is it going back into the past? The feature is piloting in Arizona. Uber said that it’s offering this service to add a little more convenience for riders. Link.



$17 Billion Vanishes From Microsoft’s Market Cap, Reason Is Amazon

Satya Nadella

Image Credits: Flickr Startupik Team

Amazon’s fight for the defense contract has landed a blow to Microsoft. The judge hearing the case of the defense contract awarded to Microsoft by Pentagon has blocked the deal for now. As soon as the news of this order broke the news coverage, stocks of Microsoft fell sharply. Link.



Are Your Gut Bacteria Social? An Interesting New Study

gut bacteria affects your social behaviour

An interesting study conducted by Oxford has found out that the diversity of your gut bacteria decides how social you will be. The composition of your gut bacteria, according to this study, affects how neurotic you are. Also if there are few gut bacteria then you might experience stress disorder. Link.


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