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Youtube Refuses to Ban Trump’s Premature Election Victory video – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology….check it out  


Youtube Refuses to Ban Trump’s Premature Election Victory video


Youtube has refused to take down the video from its platform that shows Donald Trump declaring premature election victory. The Google owned streaming giant argued that the video does not violate its election misinformation guidelines. However, the streaming giant maintains that the video does violate its advertising guidelines and hence it won’t run any advertisements on the video.  Youtube’s strangely  lenient attitude stands in sharp contrast to Facebook and  Twitter that has so far taken uncompromising stand against Trump. To know more click here


ByteDance to pump $170 Mn in one of China’s hottest startup

It has been a very rough year for ByteDance as its flagship app TikTok literally faced a nightmare period in several key markets including U.S. However, this hasn’t stopped TikTok’ parent company to invest in promising startups that could help TikTok and other apps to maintain their competitive advantage. In the latest move in similar direction, ByteDance has now decided to invest nearly $170 Mn in Chinese e-book reader Zhangyue. Zhangyue happens to be one of China’s largest e-book readers and publishers. To know more click here.


Shortage in power chips can jeopardize iPhone 12’s supply line

Apple is struggling to meet the required demands of important power chips that is responsible for overseeing power consumption in iPhones and other Apple devices. This scenario may dent Apple’s revenue prospects as it looks to bolster the sales of the latest version of its flagship phone during the upcoming festive season.  However, it is still not known whether this bottleneck is really deep or not.  The news has come at a time when the tech giant is gearing up for its ‘One More Thing’ event. To know more click here.


Surprising, Moon has a twin and it is busy hovering around Mars

Researchers have surprisingly bumped into an asteroid that has lot in common with our own Moon. Researchers have found so many common things that they have labeled it as Moon’s lost twin. This moon like asteroid is currently orbiting the red planet. This surprising discovery has once again perpetuated the idea that our universe is too bizarre and surreally beautiful.  To know more click here

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