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YouTube app may finally debut on Apple Vision Pro?

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


YouTube app may finally debut on Apple Vision Pro?

According to news portal The Verge, a YouTube spokesperson has claimed through mail that a dedicated YouTube app is likely to arrive soon on Apple Vision Pro. However, the spokesperson refused to give a specific timeline about the launch of this app. Hence there is still no clarity whether the YouTube will be launching the app pretty soon or will take few more months. This news has come weeks after YouTube along with Spotify and Netflix announced that they won’t be launching a dedicated app for Vision Pro. This has left Vision Pro with no option but to access these platforms through browsers like Chrome & Safari, which doesn’t exactly give an immersive and wholesome experience.


Elon Musk allegedly took illegal drugs with Tesla & SpaceX board members

As per latest The Wall Journal Street report, some of the board members of Tesla and SpaceX have been accompanying Elon Musk in taking illegal drugs. Some directors reportedly felt pressured to join Musk in drug use to avoid upsetting him or jeopardizing their position within the company. The report claims that the board did not investigate or document any concerns regarding Musk’s alleged drug use. The names and the identity of these board members is still not known. Only last month, Wall Journal Street had claimed that Musk was allegedly high on drugs while giving speech to SpaceX board members, which left many SpaceX board members feeling embarrassed.


Google may change Bard’s name to Gemini in a big AI push

Google may soon rename its AI chatbot Bard with a new name ‘Gemini,’ this is according to Google’s internal document that got leaked on X. As per this leaked document, Google Bard may be renamed ‘Gemini’ within next few months. The leaked document further claimed that Google’s AI chatbot will also get an improved user interface and more AI capabilities in next few months. That’s not all. The tech giant may also launch an advanced version of Bard, which will be a paid service, very similar to ChatGPT Plus. But there is still no clarity about how much Google will charge for Bard’s advanced version.


Snap is latest to cut jobs, lays of 10% of its global workforce

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Mass layoff continues in the American tech industry, with Snap becoming the latest tech company to announce mass layoff. The Snapchat’s parent company has just announced that it is laying off around 10% of its global workforce, which amounts to approximately 500 employees. The layoffs affect various departments across the company, including engineering, marketing, and sales. The company further added that the job cuts will help the company in saving huge amount of money and these financial resources will be allocated to develop augmented reality and advertising solutions. Snap now joins leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon that have recently announced mass layoff.


Meta’s investors are worried about Mark Zuckerberg’s life (here’s why)

Image Credits: Flickr Prachatai

Meta’s investors and board members are seriously worried about Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s life. Turns out that, Meta’s board members have highlighted grave concerns in company’s latest financial report about Zuckerberg’s love for extreme sports and high-risk hobbies including mixed martial arts. Board members and investors argue that his love for extreme sport could put Zuckerberg’s life in great danger, which could seriously impact the future of Meta. In other words, they have requested Meta’s CEO to desist from participating in any kind of sporting activities that puts his life in great risk. It is no secret that in past, Zuckerberg had sustained some serious injuries due to his passion for extreme sport.

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