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Windows 8 Sucks

Here’s the complete review of Windows 8. General view which has come forward is that Windows 8 sucks.

Windows 8 is the latest offering from Microsoft which has already created immense hype and hoopla. While some swore by its unusual UI (User Interface) and not so beginner friendly functionalities. Some chose the path of indifference. Well, it would be too early to say that Windows 8 is a failure. But no exaggeration to say that it hasn’t lived up to the user expectations. “Eye-candy” looks and complicated functions didn’t quite impress the majority of users and the results are quite visible on Windows 8’s first quarter sales report.

General view which has come forward is that Windows 8 sucks. So let’s see what made users comment so. Here’s why; End users have found that its interface to be horrendous and confusing. Microsoft tried to boost a highly “glitchy” touch-based version of UI for millions of PC users who were using non-touch screen notebooks and desktops. And when it asks users to sit back for just changing the workflow for whims and fancies would be asking more from the end user perspective. Even there are some scholars who have researched a lot of the computers also feels the same. Windows 8 Sucks

Let’s take an example of Jakob Nielsen who has also slammed the working of Windows 8 and have called it “quite disappointing” for both the end users whether its novice or the experienced and the powerful users. W8 Metro Apps has to be installed, undeleted and updated based on the per user basis. For this problem to check you can just try out the version getting installed on your computer and then create a new user for your system and then log in to the app store.  So what you would be to do would be updating files of W8 Metro app for the user whom you have created. If you are having multiple users then it will be hell for you as you will be sick of doing the same for all the numerous users you have.

Let’s take another example by opening an audio file on your desktop. It will be full screen with all the “parental advisory” graphics which will be from obscene albums of rap covers and content like that but there is no obvious way to move out of it. As the option which has been provided is to drag and drop it to the location where you want. But even when you are successful in closing it then you land back on the Metro screen instead of your desktop screen. So it means that even if you need to just play a darn file you will have to completely switch over to different GUI environments.

The start screen of the windows 8 is similar to the item menu provided for games. Which is decorated with numerous characters or weapons etc.? Each and every individual is aware of the distraction which is provided due to switching between the item menu and the game world. This concept was brought into the Microsoft flagship product which is really not liked by the end users.

According to some research is it has been brought forward that Microsoft can make its windows 8 version usable by just implementing the classic shell software in which at the start menu of the desktop which can tweak in the manner the explorer and Internet explorer does behave.

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