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Wikileaks Update: .ORG Domain Is Back. Wikileaks Mirror Sites Near 2000 Mark

wikileaks mirror sites All the update about latest happenings with Wikileaks and proliferation of mirror sites. This article will tell you about Wikileaks mirror sites.

Since our last post when Amazon decided to pull plugs on Wikileaks by withdrawing its hosting services for any undisclosed violation of terms, there has been a lot of activity against Wikileaks and in favor of Wikileaks as well.

At this moment, Wikileaks website is very much active as its been operating from a swiss domain, ever since domain got suspended by DNS service provider

However, two new updates are still not reported by the media as they have just popped up.

  1. .ORG domain for Wikileaks has started operating again. It’s currently redirecting to a mirror site for Wikileaks According to the tweets of various twitter users, it appears that domain has been operating since Saturday afternoon.
  2. Total count of mirror sites for Wikileaks has grown to over 1800 sites and with such kind of viral multiplication of Wikileaks content on the internet, the mirroring site count is sure to go past 2000 mark before Sunday passes. This has probably been the biggest achievement of Wikileaks so far.

In case, you haven’t been able to keep up with fast erupting news relating to Wikileaks and its loic, Julian Assange, here’s a sequential round-up of what happened with Wikileaks during the last 10 days or so.

  • Amazon kicks Wikileaks off its hosting servers
  • Wikileaks site switches back to Swedish servers
  • Wikileaks DNS provider stops supporting domain. Website suffers downtime.
  • Wikileaks starts operating from an alternate swiss domain
  • PayPal restricts Wikileaks account, kills donations to Wikileaks via PayPal.
  • Swedish servers hosting Wikileaks suffer intolerable DDoS attacks. As a result, website suffers more downtime
  • Visa and MasterCard cut off donation processing services to Wikileaks
  • UK judiciary issues arrest warrant for Wikileaks Loic Julian Assange, on accusations of sexual abuse by two Swedish women
  • Julian assuages self-surrenders to Police. Awaits a court hearing in hopes of getting a bail
  • Wikileaks urges all of its supporters to help mirroring Wikileaks and make it ubiquitous over the Internet
  • UK judiciary refuses bail for Assange, Wikileaks promises to continue operations without Assange as well
  • Cyber activists unite forces and launch operation ‘Payback’, bombard DDoS attacks against MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. MasterCard and Visa suffer heavy downtime while PayPal suffers slow operation but survives the heat.
  • Facebook and Twitter delete hacktivist accounts engaged in orchestrating DDoS attacks on MasterCard, Visa
  • 16 yr old dutch boy gets arrested over suspicion of being involved in launching DDoS attacks against involved payment processing websites.
  • Julian Assange gets worldwide support(especially from his native country Australia) for getting right treatment and not be treated like a terrorist.
  • starts operating again. Mirror sites surpass all expectations and grow past 1800.

During the flurry of fast changing events during last two weeks, there was hardly any day when Wikileaks failed to publish any document at any given night. The process of releasing secret U.S. diplomatic cables has remained uninterrupted, despite facing countless hurtles, both technically and politically.

In one word, Wikileaks can be described as “Unstoppable”. Truth can’t be censored.

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