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Why Does Google Keep Signing Me Out

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been frustrated by Google’s recent string of outages. But why does Google keep signing us out?

There could be a number of reasons. Maybe their servers are overloaded and can’t keep up with the demand. Or maybe there’s a security issue that they’re trying to fix. Whatever the reason, it’s annoying!

Hopefully they’ll get things sorted out soon, but in the meantime, we can all commiserate and share our frustration here.


While there are a number of potential explanations, the most likely reason why Google keeps signing you out is because you have cookies disabled in your browser settings. Cookies are small bits of data that are stored on your computer when you visit websites. Among other things, they are used to keep you logged in as you move from page to page. If cookies are disabled, it can cause problems with login forms like the one used by Google.

In addition to cookies being disabled, another possibility is that your browser’s cache is full and needs to be cleared. The cache is a temporary storage location for web pages and files that your browser accessed recently. Clearing the cache can fix login issues caused by old or outdated files being stored on your computer.

If neither of those solutions works, there is also a chance that you have a virus or malware infection that is causing the problem. Viruses and malware can interfere with the way your browser works, including preventing you from logging into websites. Running a virus scan can often remove these infections and fix the login issue.

What could be causing this problem?

There are a few different reasons why your Google account might keep signing you out. It could be that you’re using an outdated version of your browser, or that there’s a problem with your cookies or other data stored on your computer. If you keep getting signed out of your account, try these steps:

  • Update your browser
  • Clear your cookies and other site data
  • Turn off any browser extensions or add-ons
  • Check if there’s a problem with your account

What are the consequences of being signed out of your account?

If you’re signed out of your Google Account, some features of the Google services you use may stop working. For example, you won’t get updates to Calendar events or be able to see new email messages in Gmail. And if you use apps with your Google Account (like Gmail, Maps, and Photos), you may not be able to access or use them.

How can you prevent being signed out of your account?

There are a few things you can do to prevent being signed out of your account:

  • Use a strong, unique password for your Google account
  • Enable two-step verification for your account
  • Keep your web browser up to date
  • Avoid using public or shared computers to sign in to your Google account

What to do if you are already signed out of your account

If you are signed out of your Google account and cannot sign in, there may be a problem with your cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer when you visit certain websites.

There are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem:

  • Clear your browser’s cookies: See our directions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge/Internet Explorer.
  • Try signing in from a different browser: If you can sign in from another browser, but not the one you’re using now, it probably means there’s a problem with your cookies in that browser.
  • Check if JavaScript is turned on: Some Google products use JavaScript, a technology that allows interactive web pages. You might be able to sign in if you turn on JavaScript in your browser settings. Instructions vary by browser, but here is how to do it in Chrome and Safari.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser: Having an old browser can cause problems with some Google products.

How to troubleshoot the problem

Are you having trouble staying signed in to your Google account? There are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

First, make sure that you’re using the correct email address and password. If you’re still having trouble, you can try resetting your password.

If you’re using a public or shared computer, we recommend that you sign out of your account when you’re done. This will help keep your account safe.

Still having trouble? Get in touch with our support team for help.

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