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Where is accessories folder in windows 8?

Accessories folder is important as it contains important stuff like calculator, notepad and command prompt so learn where is accessories folder in windows 8?

When Windows 8 was released by Microsoft it looked like the right step forward. But, in going forward Microsoft had to let go of a lot of stuff; stuff like Accessories.

The previous version of windows had an Accessories folder which is the folder where small but important stuff like calculator, notepad, command prompt and others are located. And to most people who are used to the Accessories folder this is a glaring omission.

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It is not that you cannot find the applications like Calculator on Windows 8. It is just that it is not easy to find such stuff. You can configure the tiles and or you can even use the global search function to get to these applications.

To answer the question where is accessories folder in Windows 8? The Accessories menu is located at the path:

C:Program DataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsWindows Accessories

Therefore it is not actually omitted from Windows 8 but accessing it is another matter. One option is to run these applications from the run box. But, if you, like others want it to be present on the Context Menu then you can have Accessories on it by following these steps. It involves simple registry hacking and so it is best to take a backup of your registry before proceeding further.

  • The first step is to download the file that will be needed for hacking into the registry. This file is free for downloading and you can find it easily.
  • Save this file to the desktop and extract the folders.
  • From the extracted folders find a file named hide.exe.
  • Copy the hide.exe file on to the Windows folder of the C drive.
  • Now find the Accessories folder from the extracted folder.
  • Double click on it and wait for a dialog box to appear.
  • Once it appears choose the option Allow. This will create a new setting on Windows 8; Accessories icon can be seen on the Context Menu
  • To access any of the options on the Accessories folder just click on the icon.

If you are a user who is happy with the Start Screen of Windows 8 and would like to see the Accessories menu there then that can be done too. You can pin a folder to the Start Screen and this technique can be used to pin the Accessories folder. This is how you do it.

  • Go to the location of the folder that you want to pin. In this case go to the location of the Accessories folder.
  • Select this folder.
  • Just right click on this folder.
  • You will get a list of options. Just choose the one that says Pin to Start.

Alternatively you can also do it the following way. Open the Explorer ribbon. Go to the Home Tab. You will find a lot of things but just click on the option that says Easy Access. Here you will get a list of options and again just choose Pin to Start. This way you can not only pin the Accessories folder but others as well but remember that you can pin only one folder at a time.

And now you do not have to ask where is accessories folder in Windows 8; you can find it easily enough.

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