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Where is Accessories Folder in Windows 8

In this article we will tell where is accessories folder in Windows 8. Here’s the complete details about it.

Windows versions prior to Windows 7 had a unique feature in the start menu-the accessories folder. It provided faster access to tools like command, calendar, and notepad and so on. But with the latest version of OS from Microsoft-Windows 8 matters have altered and we no longer see this feature in the context menu. If you have downloaded Windows 8 on your computer, and need to enjoy the accessories folder you will have to use a registry hack trick. This includes adding the complete menu to the context menu at the desktop for easy access.

Many basic features that were highly functional are gone away in Windows 8. There are surely shortcuts to the tools like sticky notes, calculator, paint or notepad as well as more advanced weapons like resource monitor, Defragmenter and windows Easy transfer. But sometimes these shortcuts are absent and then it becomes highly difficult for a layman or an average person to get access to these important tools.

The majority of the entries in the start Menu in accessories are utility shortcuts in the Windows/System 32 folder and offer easy and convenient access. Those who know more about the operating system will not miss these features because they know how to run them from the Run Box. But those who have little knowledge about this OS have a tough time as rely on these tools a lot, and they do not have the convenience of accessing these tools anymore! However, there must be definitely some ways how you may restore Accessories group in the Context Menu using Windows 8 in your desktop.

Adding Accessories Menu to Desktop Context Menu

Windows 8 Metro start screen does not show “Accessories” option and here is how you may get it on your start menu. For this, you just need to follow these tips-

  • Hacking this registry may be done by downloading the software from So, the very beginning is to download the software from the mentioned link. The format of the software is RAR extension.
  • Extraction of files will be done on your local drives. After opening “extract folder” copy the file hide.exe and then paste it on your local C drive Windows folder. Now search for the “Add Accessories” icons in the extract folder and double click on it.
  • Next is to confirm the dialog box that appears on your screen choosing “Allow” button. You will notice know that a new setting has come to the windows 8 OS.
  • Now that the accessories tool is in your desktop try to access in from the desktop icon. Right click at the desktop and look out for the “Accessories” option. You will notice all the shortcuts to the tools you wanted like- My Computer, Calculator, Shutdown, notepad, control panel- in a drop down fashion. Now you may activate all the accessories that you need one by one.

You have installed the accessories folder, but at any point of time if you want to remove it from the context menu, run “Remove Accessories” in the registry file of context menu situated in the zip and get it removed without so much of a problem.

So, with the help of registry hack technique you can install the Accessories folder in the latest Windows 8 operating system. Now you will be able to restore Accessories that gave shortcuts to many important and sought after menus like Command Prompt, Word Pad, MS paint, Calculator, Systems tools etc.

Note: Keep a backup of your system registry files before starting this process because it involves modifying or changing the Windows 8 registry.



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