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WhatsApp gets a major Design Update with new colors & icons 

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WhatsApp gets a major Design Update with new colors & icons

WhatsApp has got a major design makeover. Although It’s not a complete overhaul, it does introduce some fresh and exciting elements to the app. The most visible change is its new color palette, which now has a more consistent green color and has also increased the usage of neutral color in it. Icons and illustration have also been refreshed. Icons now have a rounder, outlined style, and illustrations have been updated with more playful animations. In case if you’re switching to dark mode, you will notice some visible improvements with the use of more contrast and deeper tones, which will presumably make the dark mode easier for eyes. Overall, it seems like WhatsApp is aiming for a more modern and user-friendly interface with this update.


TikTok to Automatically Tag more AI-Generated Content

TikTok has just announced that it is taking a bigger step towards transparency with AI-generated content. It will be using the industry standard ‘content credentials’ technology to automatically identify and label videos & images created with artificial intelligence, even if uploaded from other platforms. The video sharing app is hopeful that this will help in reducing the spread of misleading AI-generated content across its platform. TikTok’s policy already mandates content creators to disclose the use of AI tools in their content, but this policy is difficult to implement as most creators are not sincere about their disclosure. Overall, this is a welcome step especially in dealing with the serious problem of deepfake on TikTok.


Netflix and Roblox team up to create a Digital Theme Park

Netflix and Roblox have announced the launch of Netflix Nextworld, a digital theme park which has been built and entirely operated within the Roblox platform. It’s designed to be a central hub where fans can explore various areas inspired by popular Netflix shows and movies. In this park, you could end up meeting characters from some popular Netflix shows like Stranger Things, One piece and Cobra Kai. Netflix plans to keep expanding Nextworld with new content and experiences based on their shows and movies. There’s also the possibility of attending premieres and viewing parties within the park. Overall, Netflix Nextworld seems like a promising step towards a more interactive way for fans to connect with their favorite Netflix content.


Nintendo to Disable ‘X’ integration with ‘Switch’

According to media reports, Nintendo is ending its partnership with Elon Musk’s ‘X,’ which means starting from next month Nintendo’s Switch console users won’t be able to share screenshots and clips from their games to X platform. The company has cited ‘high API fees’ as the main reason for this decision. X’s current API fees starts from $42,000 per month, which many companies have found very costly. Even Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox have discontinued their API integration with ‘X.’ This growing trend highlights that companies are re-evaluating the value proposition of social media integrations, especially when faced with rising costs.


ElevenLabs teases its music-generating AI model


ElevenLabs, the company known for its high-quality AI text-to-speech tool, has just previewed its upcoming music generation model. The company has offered the glimpse of music generation capabilities of its new AI model on its ‘X’ platform. The music shared on ElevenLabs’ X handle certainly appears to be impressive. This model is expected to allow users to generate original music pieces based on specific text prompts or instructions. However, this model isn’t publicly available yet. ElevenLabs hasn’t clarified when it plans to launch this tool. Overall, ElevenLabs is joining a growing field of companies developing AI-powered music generation tools. This could lead to more accessible music creation and potentially new artistic styles.




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