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What does “Other Snapchatters” mean: Every detail you need to know

Imagine uploading a serene picture as your story. Perhaps a picture of an afterparty with your friends. You get tons of views and notifications which give you that serotonin rush—except for a particular one. You see the notification or preview of your story, and ask yourself—what does “other Snapchatters” mean?

What does "Other Snapchatters" mean: Every detail you need to know

While Snapchat has not particularly cleared out the air regarding what “other Snapchatters” does stand for, there are a few ideas and implications here and there. Snapchat, we need more clarity beyond a few obscure tweets!

Either way, there are a fair number of deductions that we have made. While asking ourselves what does “other Snapchatters” mean, we have come to a fair sense of clarity regarding this. By the end of the piece, you will too. 

Here is a fair deduction on what is “other Snapchatters” and what you can do to bypass it. 

What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean?

Simply stated, this term might imply friends lost, friends who never stayed, or friends who parted. Keeping that air of philosophy aside, what “other Snapchatters” means on Snapchat are simply followers with inconsistencies.

This might refer to the following people:

  • People you have not added.
  • People who have blocked you.
  • People who have removed you. 

Let’s delve into one category at a time now. 

Don’t Ask Yourself—What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean if You Have Not Added Them!

Things are pretty simple here. To a great extent, the issue here may also rest on amicable terms. If you want to know what “other Snapchatters” means, this might be the easiest route to figure out. 

The Problem of Unrequited Addition— What are “other Snapchatters” Imploring You to Do?

Possibly the easiest of them all: If you happen to see “other Snapchatters”, there is a pretty high chance that you have not added them back yet. While this could be because you have too many friends or you happened to miss the notification altogether, this one inconsistency is rather easy to identify. 

Remember us mentioning Snapchat being obscure about this issue? In 2017, they simply replied to a user’s tweet regarding the same. Snapchat mentioned that there are users whom you possibly have not added yet. That brings some sense of clarity into the root of the issue, at least. 

The Solution—Snapchat Other Snapchatters

Who does not like to have more friends, right? The solution to this issue is pretty simple. Instead of asking yourself—what does “other Snapchatters” mean, you simply look for folks whom you have not added, and add them!

In order to do this, all you need is their Snapchat IDs. Lucky for you, you possibly know it already. Your query of what does “other Snapchatters” implies on Snapchat would be needlessly vapourised if you simply add them back. 

Of course, there are associated caveats here. If you do not happen to know the person (or simply do not wish to), you can obviously choose to evade this and avoid adding them back altogether. If you sense an ex- snooping into your profile to see what you are up to these days—another reason to let it be “other Snapchatters” in the first place. 

The Alternate Solution—Restrict, and See What “Other Snapchatters” are Up to Then

This might sound like the more prudish alternative, but it works. Before you ask—what does “other Snapchatters” mean, you need to check and see your privacy settings. 

Oftentimes, you might not have toggled your privacy settings, leading you to believe that your snaps and only your close circle are watching your stories. You need to double-check and see if it is actually the case. Sometimes your account and stories might be available for all to view—which means that your stories will meet the same fate. 

This is why you may also be seeing the “other Snapchatters” preview. You can go to your account settings and toggle privacy settings to ‘Friends Only’. This would automatically restrict your story, and it will not be viewable to all. 

The Scenario of Blocking and Blockage

If the reason mentioned above seemed like rainbows & butterflies to you, chances are the subsequent ones might not be as pretty. There are a plethora of reasons why you might be asking what does “other Snapchatters” mean, or why you see a ‘plus (+)’ icon—but this particular reason is not very friendly. 

The Problem—They Might have Blocked You 

If you happen to post a wee bit problematic story or ones that have a fair chance of offending others, there is a fair chance your Snapchat might be succumbing to this. Jokes apart, since you are wondering what does “other Snapchatters” mean, there is a fair chance that some sort of drifting apart has taken place in your social circle. 

If someone happens to block you, or even remove you (as will be mentioned later), and they still happen to try to snoop into your stories, you might be able to see it as an “other Snapchatters” preview on things you upload. While this might sound eerily similar to folks you have not added before, the difference is in the ‘+’ sign. 

If someone happens to block you, you will see the ‘+ others’ along with the aforementioned “Other Snapchatters” preview. This is a great point of differentiation between someone who has not added you, and someone who has removed you altogether. 

The Solution—What is “Other Snapchatters” of Today were Friends of Yesteryear

You need to reflect on the fact that there is a fair chance that someone removed you from their list, owing to negligence or improper posting. Sure, this might also just be the relatively lower tolerance of the other folks, but then again, there are better ways to share stories in a way that will not hurt anyone. 

This is where you should practice some sense of discretion while posting stories or updates. You can do the said thing in which you sort your close circle and share stories accordingly. Sure, there is a fair chance that the one who has removed you is a close friend, in which we insist on practicing the age-old mechanism of direct approach. 

The Alternate Solution—Quit Seeing What Other Snapchatters are Doing and Instead Practice Direct Communication 

There is obviously another way in which you can correct some social wrongs, in case the one blocked you happen to be a close friend or an acquaintance. After all, there is some sense of closure that pretty much everyone deserves, especially when it comes to “other Snapchatters,” doesn’t it?

Directly approach your friend and assess what the situation might be. There is a good chance that the issue might be resolved by simple communication and seeing where the breaches exist in the first place. You can practice greater discretion henceforth. 

If Not Block, then Remove? 

The other reason why you might have to wonder as to what does “other Snapchatters” mean on Snapchat is that they simply removed you. While we might not have more insight as to why they did so, we can surely acknowledge that there is some drifting apart here. 

The Problem—Removal Made you Gray, but so are the Arrows

Once someone removes you from Snapchat, you will not find them in your pending list. If you happen to see a grey arrow or even the status “Pending” adjacent to someone’s name on your chat list, it means they have removed you as a friend. This is a good way to differentiate between someone who has removed you and someone who has blocked you altogether. 

The Solution—Practice OQP

You must be wondering— what do the average “Other Snapchatters” go through when they do something like excluding you from their list altogether. It does sound pretty abysmal, doesn’t it? 

This is where you should practice some sense of OQP—Only Quality People. If you happen to understand why they removed you in the first place, you should automatically get some clarity. Was it because they wanted to see what you are up to? Or did they get disturbed by something you shared? Or was it simply no concrete reason that you can come up with?

Either way, the reasons are pretty inconsequential. If you happened to be removed by someone without any prior notice, you are better off without them in the first place. Switch your story viewership to people who are very close. In this day and age, it only makes sense for humans to be selectively gregarious—for all the right reasons. 

To Conclude 

Now that you are entirely aware of what “other Snapchatters” might mean, you should feel at ease. Besides, if someone happens to snoop into your accounts but does not add you, assume they are simply fans in the world where you are the celebrity. 

On that note, with social media becoming very selective in terms of what is acceptable, we urge you to follow guidelines and community standards before you delve into the world of Snapchat. Make sure to not be unnecessarily crude or unreal—after all, this sense of media is there to make you social. Happy Snapping!

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