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Simplify Your Project Management With Microproject

In this article we will tell you about web based project management tool. you must give Microproject a try if you are looking for a solution to projects.

Note: This review is part of an ongoing Startup Fest 2011

Certain things are done better when they’re made simple from ground up. Project management is one thing that’s relatively complex by its nature so Project management tools/softwares need to be simpler and easier to understand for any regular user/project participant to understand.

In teams of smaller sizes, there’s no such hierarchy that defines multiple levels and the idea of keeping a dedicated project manager is phasing out fast. Newer project management tools let all project members work on same drawing board together and work in a collaborative environment, reducing time spent in communication among members and make the whole process move faster. One such Project management tool for small teams and businesses is Microproject.

Microproject is a web based Project Management tool that simplifies project management(especially for small scale projects) to a great extent. It’s intuitive and dead simple UI gets you started right from the moment you login to the website so there’s hardly any training needed to figure out how to make use of it.

Assignments, participants, timelines, milestones & messages, every single thing exists over a single dashboard without making a mess out of it and that makes the whole UI lot simpler for its users.

Here are couple of highlights of Microproject:

  • Classic Gantt. view on the home screen: This gives a clear picture of various tasks assigned to various project members as per the timeline.
  • Intentionally imposed limits: There are certain limitations that have been kept in place to keep things simple and to the point.  Limits like max. 6 tasks in one day and max. 140 characters in single description(inspired from Twitter!) are example of these limits.
  • Quick Snapshot : There’s a cool feature of capturing snapshot of the project management screen, which could be useful when you want to send the current status of your project to anyone, say, your client.

Overall, Microproject can serve as a useful tool for smaller teams that do not fancy sophisticated features and want to get started right away.

What’s more ? You can get started immediately without paying a dime and keep using the service at no cost for up to 30 days. Pricing structure is competitive too. If you’re a professional and looking for a solution to manage your small scale projects, you must give Microproject a try.

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