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How to Use Mouse as Keyboard

What do you think at that moment when your keyboard is not working. This article will help you in using your mouse as a keyboard.

While there are many input devices to give information input by a user to a Windows PC, you can always play around. You need not rely on a standard keyboard for imputing information. Inputting methods are many, and you can even make your mouse work as your keyboard. This saves you time if you are comfortable with the mouse, or you can also play around with various apps. The efficiency of the applications can be improvised to a great extent. For this, you would need to know how to make the inputting device of a mouse to work as a keyboard and how to map for the same.

Here is the step by step process of mapping your keyboard commands in a mouse. For this, you would be needing the StrokeIt app that enables the process.


  • You need any one of these- Windows 7, or XP or Vista

  • Pinnacle game profiler or Xpadder

  • Ver 9.7

Use Mouse as Keyboard

Mapping Instructions

  1. You need to begin with the Start Button.

  2. Then go to Accessories options and then select the ease of access option.

  3. You can find the On Screen Keyboard program. Run the program.

  4. A virtual keyboard appears on the screen. Click it using the mouse.

  5. This emulates the keyboard function.

Using Mouse Gestures to Emulate the Keyboard Functions

  1. You can find a program called StrokeIt on the screen.

  2. Run this program.

  3. Go to the File menu and drop down it.

  4. You can find the option Command Editor.

  5. Click to choose the option. If you have decided to manipulate any program through the mouse gestures, then choose it.

  6. Else, if you want to try this out, then on the left window pane, you would be able to see the Windows Desktop option. Choose this option.

  7. You can find the menu called Configure a Command Below.

  8. This is a drop down option, so click it to see the options

  9. There exists an option named Keys-Send Keystrokes option

  10. You need to save the changes

  11. To save the changes, go to File menu and drop down it

  12. Click Save option.

  13. In the mouse, right click. Now, you need to move the mouse to imitate any alphabet or letter. You can also keystroke, which resembles the keyboard inputs.

  14. To know the corresponding keystrokes, check the Help file

  15. Now, you can see that you can make use of the mouse instead of a keyboard.

Things to Know:

StrokeIt is available for free as a trial version. However, if you want to use this completely, then you need to make the payment and download the application.

Alternative Method:

You can also use your mouse as a keyboard without the StrokeIt version 9.7.

  • Go to Start -> Run.

  • On the box fill in OSK.

  • This brings the result of the On-Screen Keyboard.

  • To use the key you desire press on that key with the mouse.

  • For mobility impaired users this option is present in the Windows PC. You can still use this as per your convenience

Virtual Keyboard:

  • Go to Start-> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools.

  • Click on Character Map.

  • This opens the virtual keyboard

  • To emulate the output of the characters double click on them.

  • Now in the field you need for highlighting the characters and then dragging-and-dropping the text in the field or text editor.

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