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Use Mouse as Joystick

Who needs a joystick when you can use your mouse as a joystick. This article will help you in using mouse as  joystick.

The computer mouse has a specific utility. It is used to displace the cursor so that it may glide over your screen over files and programs. In case of computer games, sometimes they are solely dependent on the keyboard and not on the mouse. In this case, the mouse needs to be changed into a joystick.

The mouse and joystick are similar in nature in many ways. Both of them control the operation on the Operating system. The dual hardware is often used to separate programs or navigate along operating systems. But the mouse in all most 99.99% cases is the default controller and the Joystick is often required for recent computer games.

What to do? Do not worry; you may use your mouse as a joystick instead of having to buy a new joystick!

If you are planning to turn your mouse into a joystick you will have to change the settings of the operating system so that it may be used as a joystick. A joystick lacks the sensitivity that the mouse has and hence you will notice that actions are taking more time to get operated. So again you will have to change the settings of the mouse and make it slower. This may be done from the properties dialog box of the mouse. The matter does not end here; there are other changes needed also.

Use a Mouse as a Joystick

Instructions for Turning a Mouse Into a Joystick

  1. Go to the Start button and then click on the Control Panel option. Now choose the Hardware and Sound option, then Devices and Printers and then to Mouse.
  2. Now choose the Buttons icon and check the box pertaining to Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons. Take the slider under Double Click Speed and it Slow. Now choose Apply so that the changes may be saved.
  3. Now go to the Pointers Option and choose it. There, check in the option for Hide Pointer while typing and also the slow location of pointer when I press the CTRL Key option. Now choose Apply to save changes done by you.
  4. Now go to the options-, Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key, Hide pointer while typing, and Display Pointer trails– for disabling it. Now choose Apply to save changes.
  5. Now go to the icon Wheel. Alter values for the following number of lines at a time. Then Tilt the wheel to scroll the following number of characters at a time to ‘1’. Again, click Apply.
  6. Now choose OK to remove Mouse Properties window from your screen. Click on the ‘X’ sign on the upper right side of the window to get rid of the Control Panel.

Note: The change in the sensitivity of the mouse will allow more control over the mouse while moving in a direction.

Alternative Method

There is also a shortcut method to fulfill your desire of playing the game!

  1. Run the game for which mouse has to be used as Joystick.

  2. Go to Options list of the game and choose Controls. Now here choose Mouse

  3. You will be now able to assign commands to the mouse and use it as.

Note: Many games do not support the use of mouse so there may be a situation where you will not notice the Mouse option at all! You may have to go to the Menu option that is made for all games at large. To get the specific requirements for specific games, there is a separate Menu list.

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