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How To Uninstall Google Plus From Android Tablet?

Google plus is preinstalled in android tablet so you can root it and learn here how to uninstall google plus from android tablet.

Google generally forces the users to use their Google+ social network which might be annoying for some users who are not interested in that App. But as long as you don’t have root access to your phone, you won’t uninstall such system Apps and the maximum you can do is disable it so that there is no How To Uninstall Google Plus From Android Tablet? unwanted notification or updates for it.

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Apps which come pre-installed in your tablet are called System Apps which can’t be uninstalled since they are part of the Android OS which runs on your devices. Important systems Apps are Google+, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps which are pre-installed in your device and can’t be uninstalled unless you have root access.

Apps which you download from Google Play can be easily uninstalled from your device. If you bought the App, then you can reinstall whenever required at later date. When you want to uninstall an App in your tablet, you can use the following steps to remove it,

  1. First got to the settings menu of the Device and choose Application Manager. This option might be somewhat different based on various Android versions and your device. But ideally there will be some form of App manager under the Settings menu.

  2. Touch the App which you wish to uninstall. In this case, it is the Google+ App which you want to uninstall.

  3. Now click the Uninstall button and you will be asked a confirmation of whether you are sure to uninstall. You should click ok and also select the clear cache option to remove any stored data from the App.

  4. But with Google+ app, you won’t see an Uninstall button, since it is a system App and could not be removed from the device permanently. Hence you should use the option “Uninstall updates” to disable the App. When you choose that option, you will find Disable option under that and if you click that, the App will be disabled.

But if you are not happy in just disabling Google+ and want to uninstall it permanently, then you should be rooted to the phone. RootAppDelete is a powerful tool which can be used to uninstall system Apps and is the best option for rooted Android users. This tool can help you to not only uninstall system Apps in the device but also freeze the phone. The App takes very low memory and is extremely fast. You can modify the mode and disable background system services like “Contact sync service” or “Google background transport” using this App.

The App can also be used for uninstalling Google+ if you are rooted to your tablet as it makes use of the important system libraries. The App won’t cost any resource and is free to download from Google Play. There is also another tool called “System App remover” which can be used to uninstall Google plus from Android tablet by rooted users. But that App will not provide any warnings and might cause problems in system kernel and your phone will be completely unusable.

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