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Twitter testing $99 tweet promotion service for a new revenue model

Twitter has begun testing the automatic tweet promotion subscription. For $99 a month. This service would definitely appeal to a power user or brands using the twitter platform for their social outreach. The service is offered along with the Twitters already existing advertising revenue model.

Twitter has sent the emails to select few users to test the response and usage. In the emails sent, Twitter is pitching for the benefits such as automatically amplifying of tweets and profile. This would go on for a minimum of 30 days. Analytics is part of the service. It will tell how many additional reaches is possible and what is the engagement driven by the campaign.

Moreover, Twitter has made the subscription as easy as possible. There is no need for ads in any stage to use this service. The required commitment is low. Furthermore, the participants can cancel the subscription anytime they want to. Twitter is making sure that they are able to attract the select few in their pursuit of this new plan.

Twitter has begun testing the automatic tweet promotion subscription

The new subscription is still in beta. Twitter is providing the participants with a 30-day free service. After the initial offer, the plan will cost $99 monthly. The access to subscription is on an invitation basis. Therefore those who want to use this subscription, need to wait till it goes live for everyone.

Twitter was looking for a new revenue generation model. This is the first step in this process. Moreover, it is a sound concept. If everything goes according to plan for Twitter then they could see some growth. Twitter has begun testing the automatic tweet promotion subscription. As there is a market for such services on the platform. Especially those who use Twitter extensively for their brands and businesses. Further, from a top politician to an individual who drives the traffic. This feature could play a big role.

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