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‘Twitter Facelift’ brief-up for ‘Cameo tweeters’

‘Twitter facelift’ is nothing new for those who tweet regularly. Twitter has gone through some design changes.This article briefs-up all those

But there are a lot many guys known as”Cameo tweeters” who give a special appearance(by tweeting) on Twitter once in a month or so.

So this brief-up is dedicated to all the ‘Cameo tweeters’ out there to give them a reason for another special appearance at twitter.


Much faster 

Heavy ajax usage is probably the best thing that has happened to twitterduring this facelift.The overall system has gone a lot lighter and faster with this implementation.

Tabs on the right

The tabs have been reallocated from top side to right column.This has been done for ease of further addition of access tabs.

Less Cluttered

You hover over an update and you will start seeing Star,Reply or Delete icons.However,there are some other similar less significant changes(rounding corners etc) like this but they all as a package,make the interface look well spaced.

Better customization

One prominent feature added during this facelift is a design customizer, which comes under Settings/Design section.You can choose from few pre-designed themes and can also add your pinch of creativity to it

No more ‘Archives’

One thing that has been removed and will not at all be missed by anybody is “Archives” link.Quite insignificant and rarely used hence kicked off.

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