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Top Business Consulting Firms In India

If one wants to sustain in business in this competitive age then one should consult one of the top business firms in India. More details below.

Over years, business consulting agencies have mushroomed and even though all of them have their different yardsticks it is tough to rank them accurately. These rankings are extremely buoyant yet it is undeniable that the aces are really competent and result oriented. So instead of drawing them in a table, the best five have been described alphabetically. They have been accessed for their strategic approach from available resources like websites, journals, feedback from clientele list, and from other personal experiences.

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1.      McKinsey & Company:

McKinsey and Company are among the ace and most reputable business management consulting firms. A number of Fortune 1000 firm’s senior management, MNCs and private institutions, NGOs and public/government organizations are served by them.

  1. They focus mainly on business and strategic management consulting.
  2. It had a workforce of 17000 people, in 100 offices scattered in 50 countries, among which India harbors four offices. It draws revenue of around $7 Billion per year.
  3. McKinsey collects its workforce from top management schools. In India, IIMs (A, B, C), ISB as well as IITs are scrutinized for the best talent to create their workforce.

 2.      The Boston Consulting Group:

Boston Consulting Group too has been one of the dominant consulting firms and its area engulfs research, solution making, and business framework apart from management consultation. One notable feature of Boston Consulting Group is that it has been rated with high employee satisfaction, in terms of time of work, quality of work life, training and culture.

  1. It focuses on Business, Strategic as well as operations consulting management
  2. Running with a workforce of 6700 employees in 77 offices scattered in 42 countries, BCG has its three offices in India. It collected revenue of $3.55 billion as in 2011.
  3. It chooses talented youth mostly from the top 10 US management campuses. In India it employees students from IIMs (A,B,C, and L)

 3.      Bain and Company:

Established in 1973, Bain and Company has created its niche in the market by dint of excellent strategic business solutions to various MNCs. They do a lot of data analysis and hence they call in for a lot of technical people savvy about the computer. Their most innovative aspect is that the seniors who have hands-on experience in the business train the new recruits.

  1. With a team of over 5500 employees, in 48 offices scattered in 31 countries, two of which are in India, Bain and Company earns annual revenue of $3.5 billion.
  2. It employs students from top business schools, but Bain gives opportunities to the fresh undergraduates, as well. They have a mixed cult in their work force comprising of MBAs, PhDs and master degree holders.

4. A.T. Kearney:

A.T. Kearney may be taken as the veterans in the consulting business. Founded in 1926, it has its HQ in Chicago. It shot into prominence by being an advisor to CXO and other top managements.

1.  Apart from business management it also has spread its consultation in operations.

2.  It has a workforce of 3000 employees in 60 offices recruited from top US and Indian business schools, scattered in 39 countries, two of which are in 1India. It collects yearly revenue of $1 billion.

5. Accenture Business Services:

Accenture Business Services has a wide range of services ranging from business consultation to outsourcing. They have four platforms Accenture strategy, Accenture Digital, Accenture Technology and Accenture Operations that assures world class consulting services.

With a work force of 289,000 employees in 200 cities scattered in 56 countries, it draws revenue of nearly $28.6 billion.

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