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Top 5 Backlink Monitoring Platforms For SEO & Content Marketing in 2019

If you can have a thoughtful link building strategy, it can boost your search rankings. The backlinks that are of high-quality affect your website traffic in a huge way. Make no mistake, backlinks are indeed the backbone of any SEO planning and search engine have high regard for quality backlinks that your website generates.

Therefore, you must have a system that can help you to keep track of your backlinks. You need to constantly keep them updating and rooting out the bad ones. If you don’t update your backlinks it can backfire and your rankings can tank within a short time. All that hard work put in before is now history.

To prevent it, here are some useful tools that if used properly can save you time, money, and above all, peace of mind. Use these tools to its fullest potential and monitor your backlinks like a God. So, shall we check them out?  

1. Majestic SEO

About: If you’re a webmaster, Majestic SEO is a goldmine for you. If you’re not then also its a one-stop solution for you to experience the unreal power of this tool to crank up your efforts and bring new life to your website. It’s a tool that will do all the grunt work for you, crawl the web like there’s no tomorrow and check your website’s backlink thoroughly.

You can use it to know more about your backlinks and your competitors. It also shows the referring domains and IPs. Majestic SEO will also show you the anchor text and the number of links that follow.

This tool comes in free as well in the paid version. If you’re really into backlinks you should consider purchasing the paid version, after you have gone through the trial.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $49 per month for a light user.

Operational Since: 2001

Support System: You can sccess the through support page on the home page. It has left no grey area in this regard.

Top Features

– Largest link index

– Cheaper starting plan

– Free version

– Easy to use

2. Moz

About: Moz is more than a backlink checker, it gives you so many ways to analyse your website that you almost don’t need any other tool. Whether it is about building links or finding broken links on your website, Moz is the right choice for you. It’s a bit expensive, but you have the option of using it for 30 days on trial.

For in-depth backlink monitoring services, Moz has a lot to offer. To keep up with the competition, you can reply on Moz for accurate analysis and strive through competition with ease. Moz pro will have the added advantage to measure the usefulness of existing backlinks. You will easily know whether or not your earlier backlinks are still doing their job or not.

Moz is pretty simple to use, it has several different plans fit for various use. You can contact its customer service if you have anything specific in mind. All in all, Moz will help you to build your link from the ground up and take your online venture to great heights.

Pricing: Free for 30 days. The paid plan starts $99 per month.

Operational Since: 1998

Support System: Great learning and support system along with dedicated chat support.

Top Features

– Premium Services

– Industry Leader

– Prompt After Sales Service

– Feature Rich

3. Linkody

About: For robust link management, your website needs 24/7 monitoring of backlinks and this is where Linkody comes in to play. It provides tons of metrics for your website and keeps a tab over the performance of links as they move up or down. This aspect of Linkody is useful for site owners as it tells them in real-time which link is doing good and which needs to change.

Next is checking your competitor’s strength or weakness with Linkody. In this department too Linkody doesn’t disappoint and leads you to clear insights on your competitor’s keyword and backlink strategy. Because of all these features, Linkody is a 360-degree tool for your complete backlink planning and execution.

The key strength of this tool is its Backlink Checker. It can check 5 different domains every week. Also, Linkody comes with a 30-day free plan. If you like it you can continue to pay for it. Plus the starting prices are low when compared to its competition.

Pricing: Starts at $14 per month.

Operational Since: 2011

Support System: Instant chat option available for users on the website.

Top Benefits

– Low Starting price with a 30-day free plan

– Fully devoted to backlink check

– No bells or Whistles

– Easy to begin with

4. SEO Review Tools

About: This is yet another good tool that you need in your backlink tactics to climb the ladder of success. SEO Review Tools are free to use and come with a bag full of features, even recommended by top bloggers. In total there is 36 SEO tool on offer here and all are free.

Because it’s free to use, don’t expect it to perform like other tools in the list. It will do its job but with hiccups. The reason to include it here is to provide you with an online tool which is completely free of cost.

You can use its backlink checker tool to gauge your performance as well as your competitor. That too completely free. Also, you can find content idea generator tool on this website. It can give you the latest ideas for your content needs. All the tools are geared towards increasing your presence online and bringing more profit into your bank account. If you’re short on cash, you can give this latest website a try.

Pricing: It’s totally free.

Operational Since: 2013

Support System: Since its completely free, support isn’t as great as the paid options.

Top Benefits

– Free to use

– A large number of tools

– Highly recommended by other bloggers

– Web-based

5. Semrush

About: Finally, a tool that sets the standards high for others in the online world. Semrush is the go-to SEO and backlink tool that does everything with accuracy. It has a humongous database of various country-specific keywords. So, if you want to target your country, Semrush is the best solution, but expensive. From its cutting-edge features to its customer care service, you name it and Semrush beats all others, hands down.

As this tool is the most popular and used by professionals in the industry, it’s hard to get it as a trial version. If you’re lucky, you might end up with its 30-day trial. As mentioned before, it’s a powerful tool with several functions and a thorough backlink checker. If you use this tool, you’ll hardly need to use any other.  

Pricing: Expensive starting at $99 per month.

Operational Since: 2008

Support System: One of the best in the industry. Great resource with consistent podcast training and instant chat support too.

Top Benefits

Top of the line functionality

– Strong database

– Leading the industry

– Best support

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