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Tim Cook votes for Hybrid Work Model for Apple Employees – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology….


Tim Cook votes for Hybrid Work Model for Apple Employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook, image courtesy:

Tim Cook has dashed out a mail to Apple employees to inform that from September Apple will follow hybrid work model. This implies that from September Apple employees will have to visit their offices at least three days – Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. The employees have the option of working remotely on Wednesdays & Fridays. In the e-mail, Cook suggested that online conference calls greatly narrowed our distances but it can’t replicate everything. Although Cook hasn’t clearly said it yet, his statements in the past suggest that ‘work from home’ model doesn’t add up to the company’s productivity.


Microsoft to lift the Curtain on the new version of Windows on June 24

Image Credits: Flickr Mike Mozart

Microsoft has said that it will unveil the next generation of its operating system Windows on June 24. The software giant’s latest version of Windows – Windows 10 – has been operating in the market since 2015. The company has hinted that the newest version of Windows will have lot more to offer to Software developers &  creators. According to a rough estimate, Windows OS contributes nearly 14% to Microsoft’s over all revenue.


This is why Tesla has recalled 6,000 cars

Elon Musk standing besides Tesla car…Image source: Flickr

‘Lose bolts,’ this is the reason Tesla has cited for recalling nearly 6,000 electric vehicles. The company claims that lose bolts could potentially cause a loss of tire pressure. The vehicles that could be potentially recalled certain 2019-21 Model 3 and 2020-21 Model Y.


Apple App Store did a Whopping $600 Bn Transaction last year

Apple symbol
Image Credits: Flickr shaeenhaque

Apple App store facilitated a whopping $600 Bn transaction last year via sales & ad revenue, according to recent study commissioned by Apple. This marked a impressive 24% increase than last year, clearly hinting that the company has benefited from the pandemic. These figures have come at a time when it facing increasing scrutiny over how its profits from in-app purchases.


Huawei Surmounts Challenge to Google Android, launches its own OS

Chinese tech giant Huawei has launched its operating system on quite a few recently launched models. Labeled as Harmony OS, this OS can work across the devices – smartphones, tablets, wearbles and even Tvs. The company was planning to foray into software biz as the company’s flagship business was getting hurt by the U.S sanction.

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