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The Evolution of Fax Technology: How to Use Phones Instead of Fax Machines

Business owners and managers should explore beyond the confines of their supply closets to comprehend the evolution of fax technology. Despite being forgotten by many, fax machines were once pioneers in communication technology and could be found in offices worldwide. However, most of these machines now lay dormant, collecting dust.

Contrary to popular belief, fax machines are not as ancient as the first patents approved in the 1840s. As a business owner, it is crucial to embrace new approaches; Hence, adopting online faxing is a step in the right direction. Dive deeper into the fascinating journey of fax technology to expand your knowledge.

The Evolution of Fax Technology: How to Use Phones Instead of Fax Machines

Key Milestones in the Development of Fax

The most important stages in the development of fax:

  • Alexander Bain, a Scottish inventor, created the initial fax machine on May 27, 1843. He obtained British Patent #9745 for an “electric printing telegraph,” which pioneered the application of electronic signals to scan and transmit documents. Unfortunately, despite its significant advancement in instantaneous communication, the business community overlooked its potential, leading to limited popularity.
  • AT&T sent 15 photographs from Cleveland, Ohio to New York City on May 19, 1924, using their proprietary transmission method. Their method was more reliable than RCA’s radio frequency approach.
  • In 1948, Western Union introduced the first desktop fax machine.
  • In 1966, Xerox refined its LDX technology, creating the Magnafax Telecopier. This machine has revolutionized the modern business world with its ability to send and receive high-resolution documents in under six minutes. It weighed less than 50 pounds and could be produced on a large scale.
  • In 1985, GammaLink founder Hank Magnuski developed the first computer fax interface called GammaFax.

Is Fax Technology Outdated and No Longer Relevant?

The fax has maintained its longevity primarily due to its unique attributes that cannot be easily replicated. Many countries still require the use of faxes to validate important documents and financial contracts, as digital signatures may not be accepted. Additionally, America’s HIPAA law mandates the protection of sensitive medical information, while the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act has modernized the financial system.

One may question the relevance of faxes in today’s digital age, but the answer is simple. Faxes provide an easy way to confirm the successful transmission of information. Upon sending a fax, users receive a confirmation page containing crucial details such as the sender’s and receiver’s fax numbers, as well as the date and time of transmission. Unlike emails, faxes serve as the modern-day equivalent of postal mail.

Even the FBI now accepts FOIA requests exclusively via fax due to its high level of security. With the prevalence of malware and spam in emails, mass emails are often discarded without being read. Industry statistics reveal that the open rate of bulk email ranges from five to fifteen percent. In contrast, faxes bypass spam filters and are more likely to be promptly read by the intended recipients.

Far from being obsolete, faxes continue to evolve into a powerful and versatile communication tool that remains unparalleled in certain aspects.

Mobile applications or landline fax

Now you can send a fax even from your smartphone. You don’t necessarily need a fax machine, which is quite bulky and expensive. With the fax app, you can first scan and then send a document. Interestingly, the faxing application can offer everything the same as landline fax: a receipt report, high security, no viruses, the ability to receive a fax, and your fax number. At the moment, online fax is a more modern, convenient, and cheaper alternative to a machine.

The Evolution of Fax Technology: How to Use Phones Instead of Fax Machines

Advantages of Fax Apps

The main advantages of online faxing using applications:

  • Absolute freedom. Fax machines have always been useful for swift communication, functioning primarily as in-office tools for official tasks. However, with the need for constant communication and on-the-go access to work, fax apps have become the ideal solution. These apps allow you to send faxes from anywhere, anytime, eliminating the necessity of being physically present at your workplace. With the increasing mobility of work, fax apps are a great fit for Gen Z employees. Noteworthy features include virtual mobility and cloud storage for your messages. As mentioned earlier, internet faxing offers numerous advantages that cannot be ignored.
  • The same level of security as a fax machine. Fax apps offer unbeatable security features that are impossible to overlook. Dedicated to digital faxing, these apps provide exclusive cloud storage functionalities to ensure the safety and protection of your data at all times. Moreover, you can access it conveniently from anywhere and at any time! Additionally, these apps guarantee that the correct fax reaches the intended recipients, eliminating the possibility of wrong documents being read or misplaced. Unlike the olden days, when fax machines caused confusion and inefficiency, these fax apps are highly efficient and reliable. With technology taking care of the faxes you send and receive, you can confidently avoid any legal or confidentiality issues. This ensures the utmost safety and privacy of your data.
  • Not investing in a fax machine will undoubtedly lead to significant savings. You can eliminate costs associated with telephone lines, machine maintenance, paper, and ink. With the convenience of a mobile app, there are no additional expenses. Transitioning to a fax app becomes a cost-effective and exciting choice. Additionally, using a fax app with reliable data protection ensures the safety of your important documents. Faxing expenses will be minimal, providing all the necessary features for under $20.
  • A more environmentally friendly solution. Not investing in a fax machine protects the environment from extensive plastic and paper waste. This is when using a fax app truly shows its benefits. You may not realize it, but you are actively contributing to a greener planet. Surely, you must be curious about how, and we have an answer that will surely bring you joy.


If 5% of businesses adopt fax apps, it would save tons of paper, as per BeBusinessed. Consider the resources and energy saved by this simple switch. Opting for an alternative that reduces costs, preserves the environment, and enhances efficiency is a wise choice.

Digital faxing unlocks new possibilities you’ve never imagined. It enables significant resource savings, both directly and indirectly. Let’s abandon traditional faxing as we confidently enter the digital era and embrace the effectiveness of virtual faxing.

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