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Why Businesses Must Start Using Electronic Signature Software

Paperless! You may have come across this term been thrown around in corporate news. If you are running an organization dealing with a massive volume of paper documents, then this concept can either excite you or make you skeptical. Take a look back to the time when you had a big deal to complete your project. You worked hard day and night to finish it and you only needed a couple of signatures. You had to send the documents to get it signed and wait for their return.

But, when this process takes more time than required, you end up stressing yourself. You start tracking them down while missing out on other significant business matters in the meantime. Things would have been processed quickly and conveniently if you had sent the document with e-signature capabilities. With electronic signature software like SutiSign, there is no need to wait around. Customers can sign and return a document electronically on the go.

When you are new to such capabilities, you might be thinking about how it is possible to leverage an electronic signature solution to get sign-off on critical documents. Before you implement an e-signature solution in your business, you must understand its benefits.

1. Quick and Simple Signing Process

Electronic signatures are quick and easy to use. You can upload a document, declare recipient names and signers, and deliver a secure link to the recipient for signing. The recipient can click on the link for signing the document and the process does not take more than a minute. It’s easy and better than following the traditional signing methods that use pen and paper.

2. Faster Turnaround

The convenience of using e-signatures signifies there are quick turnarounds. So, instead of sending a document to a single party and waiting for the document to get printed, scanned, signed, and repeating the process for all the stakeholders takes a significant amount of time.  On the other hand, with an electronic signature, everyone can sign off in a few seconds.

3. Saves Money

Electronic signatures will save a considerable amount on paper supplies. Online document processing saves at least 11,000 sheets of paper annually. Also, you can cut down costs on printing and maintenance charges, something most organizations try to avoid. You can save more space in your workplace if you replace drawers and desks with convenient cloud storage or hard drives. By simply clicking, you can get the document you require in front of your screen as opposed to struggling through paper documents endlessly.

4. Helps Your Business to Move Faster

Imagine all organizations adopting electronic signatures. What will happen? The internal business processes will be improved, business to business transactions will become faster, payments will be easier to make. The total amount of time spent in processing contracts will be cut down drastically, enabling business projects and deals to get finalized within a shorter period. When you are handling multiple documents at the same time, you don’t need a break to sign them. Instead, you can sign all the documents electronically with a few clicks on your mouse.

5. Higher Rate of Customer Satisfaction

Making customers happy is crucial to run a successful business, and an electronic signature is a key to obtaining a higher rate of consumer satisfaction. Through the e-signature solutions, you are giving your customers the ability to sign documents anytime, and from anywhere they want by using any smart device. Their signing experience becomes smoother and more streamlined with the electronic signature system. Your customers will appreciate this new way of signing documents.

6. Making Prompt Decisions

Taking crucial business decisions may involve waiting for some time as multiple documents need to get signed and approved by several stakeholders. The more time it takes to sign and approve, it becomes quite difficult to make business decisions and implement them into action. When you want to shorten this gap between decision making and real-time implementation, you require electronic signatures to speed up the whole approval process. With stakeholders signing documents quickly and giving the seal of approval, you can make quick decisions and implement into action as soon as possible.

7. Improved Security and Safety

Paper documents are not safe and secure. But electronic signatures can provide safety and security for the documents. They implement high-end security protocols to send, receive, and store electronic documents. E-signatures help in signing documents quickly. They also record all crucial evidence related to signing transactions to ensure extra credibility and authenticity for transactions. 

Eliminating paper-based processes will help you to save resources and time. Leveraging electronic signatures will pave the path to a paperless future, and it is high time for you to upgrade business operations.

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