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TechCrunch Sued(Again) but Arrington should rather be Happy !

TechCrunch was being sued by Earthcomber for absurd reasons and will be countersued by TechCrunch for this act.

On October 8,Earthcomber,a Chicago based startup filed a lawsuit against TechCrunch,adding it as a defendent in a patent infringement lawsuit which the former earlier filed against Loopt,a location based social network.The reasons behind penalizing Loopt still seem logical but putting TechCrunch under the scanner seems way illogical to us.


Earthcomber vs Techcrunch

And Michael seems quite pissed off with this stuff and with Earthcomber President Jim Brady.According to Michael’s conversations with Jim,it’s not something that needs to be taken so seriously and can be worked out before going to the court.His ultimate target is taking Loopt to the court and not TC.

This seems a pure publicity gimmick by the hardly known Earthcomber,who came into limelight only when it was honored as best “infotainment” app at the Nokia Mobile Rules! A competition held at Silicon Valley in March for its trademarked “personal radar” technology.

This is for the sixth time(TC got sued earlier from YouTube, Marvel, Rivals,Mediascrape and Richard Figueroa) that TechCrunch has been panelized but unlike the first five lawsuits which never went to the court,Earthcomber will probably see TechCrunch in the court,but with latter’s willingness to bury the other party down.

Michael is sounding aggressive and isn’t looking to let Earthcomber get away with all the FREE publicity that it has received in the last few days.His lawyers are already in action against Earthcomber and it seems that TechCrunch is on a safer side as the allegations against TechCrunch are quite weak and immature.

The reason that Earthcomber has proposed behind penalizing TechCrunch is TC’s act of acting a Search Filter in fovor of Loopt.Loopt is just a sponsor to TechCrunch(no investment by TC/Michael in Loopt) with no other business relations whatsoever.

But Michael is unnecessarily shelling out more publicity to Earthcomber by raging out against it on TC.He should rather PARTY at the moment.

Here’s Why ?

  • In the last two years,this is (legal obligation) happening for the sixth time with TechCrunch that rather signifies the growing influence of this Technology Blog in Silicon Valley and all over.
  • The reasons behind the allegations seems so baseless that if the matter goes to court, Earthcomber will be the probable looser out of the two.
  • If this matter settles outside the court then earthcomber will have to pay out a handsome amount of money to get away from this mess that it has created for itself.

Loopt seems to be lucky at the moment.Now,all the botheration has been shifted to Earthcomber’s side. Michael shouldn’t give anymore publicity to Earthcomber and let his lawyers burry it down.Earthcomber may soon find itself into deadpool.

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