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Tech Giants Are Tracking You On Sex Websites – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


 Tech Giants Are Tracking You On Sex Websites

Google building
Image Credits: Flickr Trent Marinelli

According to a new study, that scanned 22,484 pornographic websites has found scores of trackers from major tech giants such as Google and Facebook. Link.



Microsoft Will Offer Software for US Voting Machines

Image Credits: Flickr Rune Grothaug

Microsoft will be offering security software for the US elections. The tech giant has said that it has tracked 700 US election cyberattacks so far and will provide technical help in this matter. Link.



Vietnam The Next Hot Tech Manufacturing Destination?

Market in Vietnam
Image Credits: Vietnam

Apple is considering moving its AirPods manufacturing to Vietnam. The company will begin its trial of latest AirPods production in Vietnam soon. If everything goes well, Vietnam might become the next hot manufacturing zone for the tech giants. Link.



Instagram Removes Likes Counter In Japan and Australia

Image Credits: Flickr Jeff Palacios

Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that hides the likes count on Insta posts by users. This is been done to reduce the pressure on creators. Link.



FaceApp Under FBI Lens

The popular video app from Russia FaceApp has been ordered to be probed by the FBI. The United States minority leader Chuck Schumer has given the order. Link.


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