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Swish Video wants to kill your boredom with insanely popular video collection

Are you tired of watching the same set of boring videos in your social media pages? Don’t worry; Swish Video is here to keep you entertained with the most exciting video library…

With an awesome Mission to create millions of moments of laughter, intrigue and awe by compiling the most amazing video library ever assembled, SWISH Video was founded by James Dyer & Mateen Mohammed on Sep 2016. This App has been designed to build a powerful curation model for selecting the most exciting videos that you can watch and enjoy by sharing with your friends as well. Swish Video is a completely new platform which helps you build a personalised collection of mind-blowing videos that you can share with your buddies as well.

Based on the latest edition of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecast which covers the 5 year period of 2016-2021, the global IP traffic may reach an annual run rate of 3.3 Zettabytes by the year 2021. Among this huge volume, Cisco predicts that 80% of all the IP traffic will be fuelled by videos which are actually due to the streaming of high-quality videos by users across the globe. This means that majority of the internet users always prefer to watch good quality videos from their Smartphones while they are online and there is no single App which has an exquisite collection of the best quality videos.

Swish Video

Swish Video was founded to solve this problem and it’s a powerful App which puts the world’s best videos at your fingertips! This interesting App has been designed to help you discover the most exciting and funny videos which are grouped into various categories and personalised based on your interests and mood.

Normally people try to watch videos either in YouTube or Social media news feeds which have become too boring recently because we keep getting the same set of videos shared within our friends’ circle. Swish came up with an innovative idea to design an App which will have the collection of breath-taking and captivating videos grouped into 12 different categories like Animals, Action, Comedy, Creative, Exploration, Fashion, Food, Music, Sports, Talent, TV & Film, Wisdom etc.

There is already beta version App available for iPhones which you can download by signing up with Swish beta community which has the greatest video library so far. What makes Swish Video special is that you can search and view videos in different categories based on your interest and mood without having to go through all the nonsense status updates and selfies posted in the social media. They curate only the best videos available on the internet using machine learning and crowd curation techniques. The videos are personalised based on the user preferences and grouped into different categories so that users can choose their favourite videos based on the category they like.

Swish video is targeted for millennials in the age-group of 13-30 who like to watch videos online especially from smartphones and hence they came up with iPhone App which is currently going through beta trials. The latest available beta release is code-named Pina Colada which you can download from their website by signing up with the Swish beta community. They will also be launching the Android version soon which will be available for free download from Google Play.

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