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Sweden Starts Testing E-Cash – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Sweden Starts Testing E-Cash, Will The e-Krona Take Over Real Cash?


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Sweden’s central bank, Riksbank is going to conduct a year-long pilot of electronic cash distribution. It will use the blockchain technology similar to cryptocurrencies. But it won’t be a cryptocurrency. Sweden is already a hub for the cash-free economy. According to estimates, Swedish shops could stop accepting cash altogether by 2023. Most of the transactions that take place are done with mobile payments. The test will run till February 2021. Link.



Is Coronavirus A Blessing For Hackers?

Image Credit: Flickr Studio Incendo

According to the latest reports, hackers are using Coronavirus (now Covid-19) fear to spread malware across the planet. Hackers are posing as CDC and health officials sending emails laden with malware to the public. The emails have a high open-rate given the virus’s fear and the security of the health organization’s name behind it. One such campaign is underway in Japan right now. So keep yourself alert and make sure the email isn’t malware. Link.



Data Breach Hits White House Agency, Communications Compromised

The White House Data Breach
Image Credits: Flickr Dominik Lakatos

Agency responsible for overseeing the communication at the White House has been hit by a data breach. The US Defense Department has confirmed that the Defense Information System Agency was a victim of a Cyberattack. Personal information of about 200,000 people has been compromised. Link.



The Computer Scientist Who Gave Us Copy-Paste Is No More

Larry-Tesler dies at age 74
Image Credit: Getty Images Ann E. Yow-Dyson

Larry Tesler, the computer scientist known for his copy-paste feature in the computing world died at the age of 74. Larry worked with Apple. He was responsible for products such as Lisa Computer, Macintosh, and personal assistant Newton. Link.



Is Twitter Becoming More Democratic?

Jack Dorsey at an event
Image Credits: Flickr Jessica Lovely

Twitter is testing a new feature that will let users flag tweets from politicians and the public figures if it’s factually wrong. If the tweet is flagged by users you will see “harmfully misleading” written underneath the tweet. This latest feature is making Twitter more democratic and letting users play a major role in the age of misinformation. Link.


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