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Sundar Takes Reins From Larry – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Sundar Takes Reins From Larry, Now Also Controls Google Parent Alphabet

Larry Page Photo
Image Credit: Flickr

Larry Page the CEO of Google’s parent firm Alphabet has stepped down from his post and has handed over the reins to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Sergey Brin and Larry Page no longer control any part of Alphabet in an executive position. Both announced their departure in a company blog post. The reason provided by them is that the company has matured to a level where it doesn’t need two operating CEOs. But both Larry and Sergey will still play a role as board members, shareholders, and as co-founders. They also said that they will be in touch with Sundar for any ideas regarding the company. After being appointed as the CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai will now also overlook the investments apart from running Google. A great leap for the 47-year-old who started as an employee. Good luck! Sundar Pichai. Link.



Amazon VS Intel, Ecommerce Giant Will Make Server Chip

Image Credits: Flickr kefabean

If cut-throat competition from AMD wasn’t enough, Intel’s troubles are just getting worse. Now Amazon has announced that it will make its own server chip that will directly compete with Intel. These will be generation 2 chips from Amazon that will be more powerful and will serve its cloud customers and some AWS work as well. Link.



Russia Building Its Own Wikipedia, Will It Stand A Chance?

Russia has plans to build its own version of Wikipedia. It has allotted $31 million for the project. Will be live by 2022. It will be a clone of Wikipedia, nothing much. Oh! Minus the Russian criticism, mind you. Surprisingly, it won’t have the essence of the original website as it will not be available for user editing and a publishing house will control it. Link.



Does Mailchimp Have A Role To Play In A Sex Trafficking Case?

Mailchimp funny
Image Credit: Flickr swissmiss studio

A lawsuit against Mailchimp has been filed in Georgia by a woman who alleges that she was trafficked through the use of Mailchimp emailing platform. Link.



After Plant-Based Meat, Here Are Plant-Based Running Shoes From Reebok

Image Credit: Reebok

Have you ever heard of plant-based running shoes? Well, Reebok has announced its line of high-performance plant-based running shoes, Forever Floatride GROW. Reebok has said that a lot of research has gone into the development of these unique shoes and that it’s a prominent step towards sustainable production in this industry. The price hasn’t been revealed yet. Link.


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