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Squadmail Review

SquadMail enable you to share your labels that you have created on G mail with your colleagues. Find the complete detail below.

When we think about how the internet has influenced our lives, one of the most significant change is in the way we communicate. Nowadays, all sorts of communication occur over the internet, delivering messages from one place in the world to the other in real-time. Though there are many ways to communicate over the internet, email is undoubtedly one of the most widely used means. Emails are now being used by each and every person for personal as well as professional matters. Even though email and the methods of sending email have been evolved over the past couple of decades since its inception in 1993, still there are some inevitable problems that come along with it because of the heavy usage.


One of the major problem associate with emails is collaboration. Putting every person in the cc list and managing group emails have always been a tedious task. SquadMail is one such service which attempts to curb this problem, and successfully does so. If you ever have trouble collaborating with your team or you are stuck with digging the relevant piece of information from a group email, then you should definitely give this app a go.

Want a send a mail to your team? Just put in a shared label on your email and that email will appear in the appropriate places in all your collaborators email. Moreover, you do not even need to create another email address or need any additional app. You can use Gmail or any other email service that uses IMAP to sign up with SquadMail.

So basically, SquadMail creates shared email folder between different email accounts. Each of these shared folders comes with its own email address on the domain name. SquadMail plans to allow users to use email addresses of their own domain names for these folder email addresses in the future. These folders are created on the IMAP server level, making them independent of the choice of email client. This means that the collaborators in your team could even be using different email services and still Squadmail would work seamlessly. So just drag any email to any of those shared folders and that email would appear in the relevant folder on your group member’s email.


You could create and manage these folders very easily. To add a new folder you just have to provide a label name and the email addresses of the people who you wish to synchronize the emails of that folder with. Another amazing feature of Squadmail is that it can associate with your DropBox account. Once you have done this, you can set it up to save your email attachments directly to your DropBox.

The core service is free SquadMail provides you 3 folders for free with no cap on the number of collaborators added to each folder. To get unlimited synchronized folder you just have to pay $9.99 per month. SquadMail takes care of all your collaboration needs, so if you are one of those who work in teams, this could be just the right thing for you. It could give your team a great productivity boost.

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